iShutter iPhone Camera Case

More than 70% of the photographs uploaded to Facebook and other Social Media sites are shot with cell phone cameras and of that 60% are shot on iPhones so an iPhone 4 case that turns your camera into a true Digital Camera seems like a good idea … and it is!

The iShuttr iPhone 4 case turns your iPhone into a stellar point and shoot camera complete with rubber soft touch raised grip, top mounted shutter button so you don’t have to use the touch screen, 1/4” tripod mount, extra battery, Xeon Strobe Flash and of course all integrated into a protective case shielding your iPhone from damage.

Unfortunately the iShuttr is only a concept for now with a couple prototypes made.  The inventors of this case were hoping to raise $50,000 by August 14, to go into production however they feel short raising just under $7,000.  We hope the iShutter guys will find another method to raise capital perhaps the Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den, this product seems like a great investment for a billionaire like Mark Cuban.

Even if the iShuttr guys do get this concept into production there is another problem that faces all iPhone accessory suppliers and that is the ever changing case or housing design of the iPhone.  iPhone 1 and 2 had a different case design than 3 and 3Gs.  iPhone 4 has a completely different housing than the previous models and the soon to be released iPhone 5 is rumored to once again have a different body than it’s predecessors.  This means accessory makes have to produce 3 or 4 versions of the product to cover all the models in the product line,  that’s inexpensive to do if your producing gel, rubber or leather cases but a whole different story with sophisticated cases with built in electronics, hardware and software integration.  Too Bad – we liked the iShuttr.

For more information on the iShuttr project and inventors Robert Haleluk
Rudy James, and Colin McCarthy check out

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