Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac®

When Logitech came out with their Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Windows users a couple months ago, Mac users were screaming Hey What about Us!

Well the wait is over Mac users, Logitech released the Mac Version of their popular K750 Solar powered wireless keyboard – YEAH!

The Mac compatible keyboard is available in five colors, silver (aluminum), black, blue, green and magenta.  The Logitech K750 keyboard has a solar panel integrated right into the top of the keyboard which charges the keyboard by ambient light.  Say goodbye to batteries, direct sunlight is not needed to charge the K750, room light will work just fine and once fully charged the keyboard will operate for up to 3 months even in total darkness.  Once the battery level gets low a solar app will let you know how much battery power is left so you’ll never run out of power while typing.
The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac is fully Mac compatible right out of the box, no software is required.  The Mac keyboard layout includes all Mac specific keys including Command and Option buttons and even the music, brightness and the eject key.  A numeric keypad is integrated into the stylish one piece unit which measures a mere 1/3”.  The Logitech K750 for Mac requires OSX 10.4 or later and operates using a USB dongle transmitting on wirelessly on 2.4GHz for extended long range.

While a little big to be using as a Home Theater Mac Mini keyboard the 2.4GHZ band will allow this keyboard to work all over the house and certainly farther than similar bluetooth keyboards.

The guys at Logitech have done it again … If you’re tired of changing batteries and looking for a stylish, functional, wireless Mac keyboard with number pad we highly recommend the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac.  At a suggested list price of $59.99 it’s a great value.

Now Logitech how about a Mouse specifically made for the Mac?

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2 Responses to Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac®

  1. M says:

    I can’t find anywhere to buy this in Canada? No option to purchase it on the Logitech online store :/

    • djsedm says:

      Yes you probably will have a hard time buying one of these keyboard in Canada since there are limited quantities and distribution available at this time. This keyboard is new and currently the only stock available is at Amazon.com in the USA or in Canada if you have a USA address you can drop ship to. The keyboard will be arriving at big box store electronic retailers this fall just in time for Christmas.

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