Magic Numberpad – Review

One thing the standard Apple Wireless Keyboard is missing is a number or numeric keypad.  Number pads are essential for business and the folks at Mobee Technology think they’ve got a solution for you, if you’ve got the Magic Trackpad.

Magic Numberpad is a transparent overlay which adheres to the top of the magic trackpad similar to a protective film that covers the glass on your iPhone.  The transparent overlay has 3 custom numberpad configurations and special Free Software enables your magic trackpad to be used as a touch type numeric keypad.  The key word here being Touch Type.

Personally I’m a big fan of numeric or number pads but HATE touch typing.  With a tactile numeric keypad your fingers can anchor on a specific center key and then you can navigate the numbers and symbols accordingly from the home position.  With a touch surface there is no anchor point since all the keys on the surface are smooth.  Using a touch surface as a number pad is incredibly difficult and requires constant looking at the trackpad to see which numbers your pressing and which ones are being entered on the screen.  While the Magic Numberpad is certainly a novel idea, anyone serious about crunching numbers will want a real tactile number pad or numeric extended keyboard.

Sorry Mobee but we don’t recommend the Magic Numberpad.

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1 Response to Magic Numberpad – Review

  1. Monster says:

    Simple solution… put a drop of nail polish, or some other thick fluid which will dry hard, on the “5” spot on the plastic overlay. Once it drys, you will have you “anchor point” so that you don’t have to look at the trackpad when entering numbers.

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