Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket

The folks at Milwaukee tools want to help you take a bite out of fall and winter this year with the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Lithium Ion Heated Jacket.

That’s right the M12 Heated jacket is powered by the same Milwaukee M12 rechargeable batteries they use in their tools cordless powered tools.  The jacket has a concealed back battery pocket where the M12 Red Lithium Ion battery slips into and can deliver up to 6 hours of continuous heat on a single charge.

The jacket is a multi-layered soft shell with three carbon fiber heating elements sewn into three heating zones to distribute heat over core body areas on the chest and back.  Heat control is located in the upper left side of the jacket just above the Milwaukee logo and has on/off and high, medium and low settings.

Milwaukee thought of everything when designing these jackets they are water and wind resistant and come with two side pockets and one cell phone pocket.  The jacket is washable when the battery is removed and come in sizes from S to 3XL.  Pricing for just the jacket  (Model 2330) starts at $129 while the complete kit  (model 2331)with battery and charger is $200.

The M12 Cordless Heated Jacket comes in Milwaukee Tool Red for the jobsite or if you prefer Camouflage, perfect for staying warm on those cold fall hunting trips.  The Milwaukee Realtree AP™ Heated Camo jacket kit model number is 2333.

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