JVC’s New Hybrid Camera – Camcorder

With every digital camera manufacturer adding the ability to record HD Video on their still Digital Camera the demand for dedicated HDTV camcorders is all but gone.  Digital cameras are generally categorized into Point and Shoot and DSLR.

With the drop in demand for dedicated digital video cameras or camcorders, manufacturers have developed a new and emerging category called “the Hybrid”Hybrid digital cameras are more geared toward Video Recording but still have the ability to take high quality digital camera still shots too.

The new JVC hybrid GC-PX10 is the latest hybrid camera to enter this emerging market segment with it’s long barrel lens it looks like a camcorder however it’s body is shaped like a point and shoot camera body making this odd shaped camera certainly stand out in the crowd.

On the video side the JVC GC-PX10 will shoot full 1080P video at 60 fps saving to the PX10’s 32GB of internal memory or writing to external SDXC flash memory.  The PX10 can also capture 8.3 megapixel still images while shooting 60 fps video without dropping or stalling the recording of the video – Impressive!

While the backbone of the GC-PX10 is clearly video the hybrid camera will allow you to switch to still shooting mode, capturing 12- megapixel images at 30 fps for up to 2 seconds.

If you need to record slow motion the GC-PX10 can handle that too in video mode it shoots 300 fps at a resolution of 640 x 360 – not HD but 300 fps is rarely found on any camera, let alone one at this price.

So how much is it?  Look for the GC-PX10 to sell for around $900 US and be available this fall in North America.

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