Netgear new N900 WNDR4500 Lightning Fast 900Mbps Router

If you’ve read this blog you already know I’m a huge Netgear supporter and have used their routers as my First Choice and Go To products for years.

The latest Netgear dual-band router the N900 (WNDR 4500) is a dual band router with 450Mbps speed on each 2.4GHz and5GHz bands for a combined speed of 900Mbps -WOW!

Six discrete antennas reside inside the stylish router housing providing extended WiFi range and dropout free transmission to all your WiFi devices.  WiFi speed is not the only boost Netgear gave the N900, two USB ports have been installed providing up to 30% faster transfer rates than previous Netgear dual band USB equipped routers.

Like all Netgear routers the N900 comes with Netgear’s simple 1-2-3 color coded installation for novice users and experience users will appreciate the extensive monitoring and configuration controls provided by Netgear’s Genie network monitoring application, live parental controls, printer sharing, video streaming optimization, DNLA, gigabit wired ethernet, guest access, WPA & WPA2 security and usage meter.

The Netgear N900 may be more router than the average family or business needs but if speed is your thing this baby is fast and feature packed yet thanks to Netgear’s management tools incredibly easy to set up, configure, monitor and manage if you wish.

The Netgear N900 retails for $180 US and is available today!

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