Toshiba 55ZL2 – World First Glasses Free 3D TV coming this December

While LG’s Passive (FPR) 3D TV is certainly popular and gaining market share everyday the thing consumers want is Glasses Free 3D TV.

Well the folks at Toshiba are introducing the first Wide Angle, Glasses Free 3D TV display this December.  The Toshiba 55ZL2 is a 55″ LED-backlit QuadHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160) LCD panel that delivers awesome 2D and 3D video.

The Full Quad HD is 4 times the resolution of standard HD and creates stunning 3D viewable from multiple wide-angle zones.  The display has face detection technology which tracks a persons face and viewing position at the press of the remote control and optimizes the 3D panel for the best picture and 3D effect based upon the viewers sitting position in relation to the screen.  Of course the 55ZL2 has all the Smart TV bells and whistles including internet connectivity and downloadable apps.  Web based 4K HD content can be purchased in Toshiba’s Resolution + format (four times HD resolution) so you can truly show off the capabilities of this flat panel to your friends.

Toshiba has not announced a world wide release date yet for the 55ZL2, however they will be launching the 55ZL2 this December in Germany.

Germany seems like an odd place to launch a product like this, but then again with 4X HD Resolution and Glasses Free 3D,  odds are you’re gonna have to have a few Mercedes Benz and Audi’s parked in the garage if your going to be able to afford one of these babies.

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