Epson’s New 3D, 1080P Home Theater Projectors

Epson, the number one projector manufacturer in the world will introduce five new 3D, 1080P home theater projectors this fall.

The new models include   the flagship Epson Pro Cinema 6010 and Home Cinema 5010 models with 2,400 lumens, 2000,000:1 contrast ratio and full 1080P 3D capability.  The 6010 will retail around $4000 while the 5010 will hover around $3,000 – $3,500 depending on options like wireless HD, 3D glasses, optional lenses and ceiling mounts.

For those budget conscious consumers wanting full 1080P and 3D the Epson 3010 at $1,600 and 3010e at $1,800 will fit the bill.  Both new models feature 40,000:1 contrast ratio and 2,200 lumen rating.

We prefer the Epson 1080P projectors to many others because they’re built on a 3Chip LCD platform rather than a DLP platform.

Look for the 3010 series to start appearing in stores this month while the 6010 and 5010 models should be out in November just in time for Christmas.

If your planing a home theater or interested in upgrading your existing projector to 3D, give the Home Theater Experts at Ion Security a Call,  780-489-5522 or

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