North America’s First 3D Sports Bar


Is 3D TV the next big thing when it comes to Sports Bars – Adam Milstein one of the owners of ‘South’ touted as the America’s First 3D Sports Bar seems to think so.

Teaming up with 3D Panel Manufacturer Vizio –  ‘South’ located at 3001 Wishire Boulevard in Santa Monica, California features more than 30 Vizio 3D Flat Screen TV’s located throughout the bar ranging from 42 to 65 inches.  The complete system includes a DJ booth with digital music provided by iTunes, 20 Direct Tv satellite receivers for programming, several 3D Blu-ray players and even a games room with PS3 gaming consoles.  Scattered throughout the bar at strategic locations patrons will find Vizio Android based tablets controlling some of the TV’s and allowing customers to surf the web, email, facebook and twitter.

Of course 3D TV requires 3D glasses and that’s where Vizio’s passive 3D technology (developed by LG) comes in.  Expensive active shutter battery powered 3D glasses have to be recharged each day and synced with each individual display making the concept of multiple TV’s in a sports bar unrealistic.  Passive 3D technology uses inexpensive glasses with polarized lenses (the same type as movie theaters) to decode the 3D imagery and requires no recharging of batteries.  The greatest benefit of Passive 3D Technology is the ability to watch different displays at the same time without the problem of Active Syncing.  In a sports bar with 30 TVs the customer can turn his head and view 3D programming on different TVs without having to Actively Sync the glasses with each TV – That’s huge and only Passive 3D TV will work for this application.

3D sports programming is in it’s infancy right now and ‘South’ is certainly ahead of it’s time adopting the technology at such an early age and in such a large scale.  Is 3D technology the future of the Sports Bar? – We’ll have to wait and see, one things for certain 3D isn’t going away anytime soon and more and more sports programming will be broadcast in 3D including Monday Night Football beginning in 2014.

Watch the video: 

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