One Year Anniversary – reaches 120,000!

I was excited to get up this morning and see that my blog stats counter had ticked over 120, 000 site visits in one year.

I began the blog one year ago with my first entry posted on November 11th, 2010.  In the beginning I didn’t know who would read the blog or how readers would navigate through the immense digital universe they call the web to find it but somehow they did.  The first month I had 312 visitors to the blog.  The second month December 2010,  site visits exploded to  2,992 hits for the month, I couldn’t believe the number of site visits back then,  but as it turns out that was only the beginning.

2011 has been a phenomenal year for techtipsandtoys with exponential growth occurring each month this year.  January 2011 began with 3,281 hits and October 2011 hit an all time record of 22,247 site visits in one month with a daily high of 921 visits … WOW!

I am humbled and grateful to all the readers who find the posts in this blog both entertaining and informative.  I thank you all for your visits and the commentary you have made over the past year.  When I began writing this blog I never envisioned the popularity it has evoked nor the positive impact it has had on both my personal and business life.

To my wife Lisa, I Thank You for all the patience you have shown, on those nights when I stayed up writing posts and to the readers who have visited  ….  I  Thank  You  All

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