Startech Converg AV VGA2TV2WAY2 Scaler Review

Connecting a blu-ray player or HDTV cable box to a plasma, lcd display or projector is pretty simple, just plug and HDMI cable into the blu-ray or cable box and then into an input on the TV or projector.  The same holds true for connecting a laptop to a flat panel display or projector – if the laptop has an HDMI output then it’s as easy as connecting a blu-ray player or cable box just plug in the HDMI cable.  If the laptop has only a VGA cable most flat panel TV’s and projectors have HDMI inputs also so then it’s a simple process of running separate VGA Cable to the flat panel screen or projector and changing the input on the screen.  Sound simple enough or is it?

We’ll if all your connecting is one (1) TV or projector to a single source, it is pretty simple as long as you’re willing to run separate cables for each component to the TV and as long as the TV or projector has enough inputs to handle all the source and is close enough to keep the cable lengths at a reasonable length.

The problem comes when you want to connect multiple displays (plasma, LCD and projectors) to a multiple sources such as a sports bar wanting to connect several cable boxes to multiple TVs or a retailer wishing to connect several displays for digital signage or a home owner wanting to be able to switch between cable box, satellite, Xbox, Wii, PS3, security cameras and computer inputs.  Running separate wiring for all these sources and options can become a nightmare not to mention the confusion of switching inputs and configuring resolution settings.

To simplify the wiring and switching inputs and resolution settings integrators often use either a Component Video switch or HDMI switch to take care of switching components and with the added benefit of being able to run only one (1) cable to the display.  This is both cost effective and efficient providing one cable to carry all the signals to each display be it flat panel, plasma, lcd or projector.

While the use of a switch and single cable allows the user to switch between multiple sources and send those signals to the flat panel or projection,  the display has to decode the signal information in order for it to appear properly on the screen to the viewer.  This is where several problems occur.

Each program source be it cable box, satellite, computer, Apple TV box, Video game console (Xbox, PS1,2,3, Nintendo) VCR, Video Camera etc … has a different picture format, resolution and refresh rate.  In order to decode and decipher the different picture information and display it properly on the screen the flat panel TV or projector must first decode or SCALE each source information stream and then display it on the screen properly … this is no easy feat!

Each source input on the TV or projector has a the ability to decode or scale a certain limited amount of information for display – BUT no single input on the flat panel TV or projector has the ability to decode or scale all resolutions … this is why there are some many inputs on todays flat panel TVs and projectors and so many different cables to connect to them.

A SCALER is a cool, little device which up-converts or down-converts a video signal so it can be used by a specific video input on a television or projector allowing one cable to carry multiple source signals of differing resolutions and formats to the projector or TV and allowing the flat panel or projector to display the video content in it’s native form without switching inputs or scaling on the TV or projector.  Using a scaler simplifies the installation and operation by carrying all signals on one cable and using only one input on the TV or projector.

The Startech Converge AV,  VGA2TV2WAY2 Scaler is a two way VGA to Component Video Scaler which allow the conversion of VGA signals to Component Video or Component Video Signals to VGA.  Using this scaler allows computers with VGA or SVGA outputs to connect to HDTV monitors and projectors using the Component video input.  The Startech Converg AV VGA2TV2WAY2 Scaler also enables to user to convert Component Video signals to VGA signal to enable the connection of cableboxes, satellite receivers, set top boxes, game consoles and DVD/Blu-ray players with component video outputs to connect to displays with VGA inputs.

The Converg AV VGA2TV2WAY2 Scaler is easy to set up and use and scales and converts between all Component and VGA resolutions and formats to ensure compatibility with most flat panel displays and projectors.

The scaler automatically detects the source input resolution and refresh rate and then allows you through an easy to use On-Screen display  (OSD) alter the output image to be compatible with your display or projector.

Unlike some scalers which require software drivers or the setting of various dip switches in order to work the Converg AV VGA2TV2WAY2 Scaler is among the best in the industry for performance, reliability and easy of use.

Supports input and output resolutions of up to 1920×1200 / 1080p
Pure hardware design, no software or drivers required
On Screen Display (OSD) for scaling/image adjustment options
Adjust contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, sharpness, RGB level, and aspect ratio size
Compatible with input from broadcast formats worldwide, NTSC and PAL
Combines the functions of a video scaler, scan-converter and format converter
Automatically optimizes the resolution of video feeds to provide top image quality and brightness
Includes a memory recall feature that automatically reinstates the setting last used

The easiest way to convert and RGB VGA signal to YPbPr
Ideal when a PC or video card signal is not compatible with the desired display – the VGA2TV2WAY2 will scale resolutions to make sure they work with HDTV’s and projectors
Display VGA and YPbPr/RGB component feeds in HDTV format or convert feeds meant for television into VGA output for computer displays
Scale PC or HDTV resolutions up or down to fit your needs
Watch video feeds from DVD players, satellite/digital cable receiver boxes, VCRs and more on VGA displays or HDTV sets

If you’re running into a problem with the components you’re connecting to your projector or flat panel TV and getting a message on screen that says something like “Incompatible Format” or  nothing but a Blue Screen chances are the component you are trying to connect to your display is outputting a resolution which cannot be decoded or scaled internally by the display and an external scaler like the Converg AV VGA2TV2WAY2 Scaler is just what you need.

We’ve used the Converg AV VGA2TV2WAY2 Scaler on several commercial television and digital signage installations and so far it’s worked flawlessly!  If you need to convert VGA to Component Video or Component Video to VGA the Converg AV   VGA2TV2WAY2 by Startech may be just the solution you’re looking for.

If you are having problems connecting various components to your flat panel display or are building or renovating your home, restaurant, store or office give Doyle a call and ION Security and Integration a call at 780-489-5522 or email  for a Free No Charge Consultation

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