Shaw Direct delays shift to MPEG-4 Until Anik G1 is Launched

Shaw Broadcast Services, the nations number two satellite provider recently announced on it’s website, it will not be converting any existing MPEG-2 signals to MPEG-4 until it launches it’s new satellite ‘Anik G1’ at the end of 2012.

The announcement firmly entrenches Bell as the nation’s number one satellite provider in Canada with more than 100 HD channels while Shaw Direct offers just over 75.

Without the extra bandwidth and capacity from the New Satellite the best Shaw can do for the next 12 to 18 months is maintain the status quo with their channel lineup.  This fall the CRTC has mandated Shaw to add thirteen local Over the Air channels to it’s lineup further crowding it’s existing bandwidth and crushing the hopes of Shaw Direct customers for any new HD channels.

Once Anik G1 is launched and in place Shaw will be able to stream using MPEG-4 increasing their bandwidth and capacity by about 30%.  While Shaw Direct waits for Anik G1 to launch we expect Shaw to compete against Bell solely on price and service by offering pricing discounts which is good for all Canadian Satellite Customers.

Source:  Shaw Broadcast Services
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One Response to Shaw Direct delays shift to MPEG-4 Until Anik G1 is Launched

  1. Joe Fresh says:

    Shaw sucks

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