Shaw Direct Motorola DSR605 HD Satellite Receiver Review

The Shaw Direct Motorola HDDSR605 is a compact, full featured, high definition (HD) satellite receiver.  The compact size of the DSR605 makes it small enough to hide behind flat panel TVs or fit neatly in most cabinets and equipment racks.
The chassis of the DSR 605 is matte black with a gloss back faceplate.  On the front you’ll find a USB jack used for servicing, an LED display for channel or clock and a power button.  Connections on the back include HDMI, Composite and Component Video jacks, rca analog audio and digital audio SPDIF Toslink jack.  An RJ11 telephone jack is supplied for caller id on screen display and on line PPV ordering.  Two RF jacks are supplied, 1 for connection to the dish and the other for the UHF remote control.  Additional jacks included one RJ45 network jack, a 3.5mm serial jack and a eSata jack.  The aforementioned three jacks are not enabled at this time and currently do nothing.  Also missing from the Morotola DSR 605 and 630 is an RF output jack to connect to a television set.  While we don’t really consider this a con, most users purchasing an HD Satellite receiver are going to be hooking it up either by HDMI or Component Video of which the HD605 has both.  Users requiring an RF output to connect to a TV can purchase the stripped down DSR600 satellite receiver which does have RF output but is missing many other features offered in the DSR605.

While Motorola’s literature indicates the DSR605 receiver has the capability to be a networked terminal to other DSR units and expanded into a PVR using the eSata jack, currently at this time Shaw does not offer these features on the DSR 605.
Feature upgrades from previous Shaw Direct (Starchoice) receivers are subtle and certainly disappointing for some long term Shaw Direct Customers who were hoping the new Shaw Direct receivers to have more upgraded features.  The new DSR series of receivers has a faster processor and a new guide with 14 days of detailed information, on screen search by title and interests and parental controls.
The Shaw Direct DSR 605 receiver carries a MSRP of $199.00 but we’ve seen it routinely sold for $149 or less on sale and even as low as FREE with Shaw Direct programming credits and incentives for new customers.

  • DSR 605 Pros:
Compact size:  10” x 8.5.” x 2”
Weight: Just over a pound
  • Fast Processor
Mpeg-4 and 3DTV compatible
FULL HD and SD Reception
Enhanced Channel Guide
  • 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound analog, digital and HDMI outputs
  • 3 – 1 Programmable UHF Remote Control
  • HDMI Output
Fast Processor
  • Caller ID and Telephone jack for online ordering
  • DSR 605 Cons:
eSata Jack not enabled for external Hard Drive – PVR expandability
  • RJ 45 network jack not enabled for PVR anywhere capability

Overall the Shaw Direct DSR605 is a good HD Satellite Receiver with connectivity options for almost all users.  At $149 dollars the Shaw Direct 605 is priced competitively to similar receivers from Bell however the Bell HD receiver DOES have the ability to expand into a PVR by adding a hard drive, however the standard HD receiver does not have a UHF remote control.

When choosing a satellite service provider in Canada your options are Shaw Direct (formerly StarChoice) and Bell (formerly Expressvu).  Both companies provide satellite service across Canada and both service providers has a range of products and services.
While Shaw can boast it has the smallest HD Satellite receiver the DSR600 and the second smallest satellite receiver with the DSR605, Bell satellite receivers have a more user friendly and intuitive guide and offer the ability to connect an external hard drive to their standard HD receiver and convert it into a PVR, this feature is not offered by Shaw Direct on the 605 at this time.  Both Shaw Direct and Bell are good satellite service providers, my personal preference is Bell based on their superior equipment, user interface and pricing, that being said you should do your homework and throughly review both systems hands on before making a purchase decision.  I also strongly recommend not entering into any long term contracts with either Shaw Direct or Bell without a 60 day trial period.  Many dealers will try to get you to sign a long term two (2) or three (3) year contract however  I suggest you try the system out on a month to month basis for 30-60 days to make sure you’re comfortable with the operation and the performance meets your needs and expectations prior to signing a long term deal.

Disclosure:  I am an independent systems integrator and have no affiliation with Shaw Direct, Bell, Shaw Cable or Telus.  I have personally installed the equipment from all five television content providers for clients and I have personally used Bell Satellite and Shaw Cable as my TV service providers.  Currently I am using Shaw Cable as my provider however my home remains wired for all three systems Satellite (Shaw Direct and Bell), Cable TV (Shaw) and Network TV (Telus Optik).
The opinions found in this review are my own based on personal experience and the feedback from my customers.  I have not received any compensation for this review.

If you are building or renovating your home, office or commercial building and would like a Free No Cost Consultation on audio/video/satellite/security and home integration give Doyle a call at ION Security Systems and Integration, 780-489-5522 or email

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11 Responses to Shaw Direct Motorola DSR605 HD Satellite Receiver Review

  1. Bruce Chesley Squires says:

    I own a dsr605 receiver and have had no problem with it for thr 8 months i had it.

    I would like to know what the warranty on this receiver is? Thank you

    • djsedm says:

      Usually the manufactures warranty is 90 days or one year depending on the service provider. Each service provider can set their own warranty period. I am assuming your DSR605 is being used with Shaw Direct and if so generally they will warranty the item for one year as long as you are a customer in good standing. I’ve had customers who have even received warranty after 1 year from Shaw on some equipment problems.


  3. Robert Jones says:

    I got a couple at a garage sale. How do I know if they will kinetic. Is there some way of telling or do I have to call shaw with serial numbers. Also how do I tell if they will work? Just plug em in and see if they turn on?

    • djsedm says:

      You need to call Shaw direct with the Serial Numbers. If there was money owing on the previous account (user) then the receivers will be blocked. If the receivers were reported stolen they will also be block. Shaw may request the previous owner to call into Shaw and confirm that he/she sold the receivers to you and then they will release the receivers from the previous owners account and activate them on a new account or add them to your existing account.

      Satellite receivers are like cell phones they won’t work unless they are connected to a network. Good luck.

  4. Gabbie Graham says:

    What other advantages does a hddpvr 630 have over a hddsr 600 or 605

  5. Gabbie Graham says:

    If you put a splitter at the main entrance of the satellite can you watch different channels when u hook up a 2nd TV…

  6. Gabbie Graham says:

    Thank u

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