Retiree’s Multi Purpose Room – Big Hit with Grandkids!

When retiree’s Bob and Marilyn wanted to upgrade the TV in the exercise/treadmill room they called Doyle at Ion Security and Integration to help them pick out a new flat panel TV and provide the necessary installation and set up services.  Looking at the 12’ x 14’ foot room Doyle came up with a great idea, Why Not make the Exercise Room into a multipurpose room and install a Large Flat Panel TV and home theater          instead of just a small flat panel TV for          Samsung 60″ LED Flat Panel & A/V Cabinet the Treadmill.Bob and Marilyn loved                                                                                              the idea,  they always wanted a room for the grandkids to watch movies and the exercise room already had a sectional sofa, so converting it into a home theater wouldn’t take much – basically a bigger TV and some surround sound speakers and that’s it!

During the Free On-Site consultation Doyle listened as Bob and Marilyn talk about their large extended family and several grandchildren.  Kids love anything 3D so the new TV must be able to play 3D movies and games.

Based on the room dimensions, seating configuration, windows and lighting a 60” ultra thin Samsung 3D flat panel TV was selected along with a Shaw Cable Box and Samsung 3D Blu-ray player for programming content.  In addition to the cable box and blu-ray, inputs and cabling would be provided for Wii and Xbox games and a VCR would be necessary for the large collection of family movies on VHS tapes.

To provide the cleanest look the Samsung TV would be mounted on the wall and all cabling was ran inside the wall and routed below the TV to the components.  Marilyn picked out a beautiful TV stand which matched the furniture in other rooms in the home and had ample room to house all the A/V components, DVDs, movies and games.

On installation day Doyle first measured the height of the TV stand and decided to mount the television on the wall 4 inches higher than the TV stand.  Holes were drilled and appropriate electrical boxes and cover plates were installed to allow all cabling to be concealed inside the wall and neatly organized outside the wall behind the TV stand.  Once the TV was mounted on the wall, the equipment was installed in the stand and everything was connected and programmed.

The next step was to color calibrate the flat panel monitor.  The factory settings on most TVs are TOO high right out of the box providing a Bright but unbalanced picture.  In addition picture settings must be adjusted for each individual room based on the wall colors and the ambient light or changing lighting conditions in the room which occurs when windows are present.  Using his calibration tools Doyle adjusts the TV to ISF standards and then bumps and tweaks it up a bit for personal preference.  I asked Doyle why he does this and he told me for two reasons.

First the ISF color calibration standards tend to be a little dull,  a neutral, properly color calibrated monitor is great for photographic purposes but for movies it tends to be a little flat – so a slight bump from calibration is necessary

Secondly ISF color calibration settings are great for rooms with consistent ambient light control such as a dedicated home theater room.  In these types of rooms,  color calibration is done to a specific ambient room light which never changes.  In rooms with windows and changing lighting conditions, color calibration is more of a “Best Of” setting based partly on instrument readings and largely on personal preference due to the changing lighting conditions throughout the day.

Since Bob and Marilyn’s exercise/media room had south facing windows Doyle’s color calibration was a combination of measured specifications combined with personal preference and experience.

Once everything was installed, connected, calibrated, programmed and set up the next step was to sit down and enjoy!.  Doyle completed the installation on Friday afternoon and the grandkids were coming over to grandma’s and grandpa’s on Saturday for a sleep over.  Doyle called Marilyn on Monday to find out how the kids liked the new TV and media room – Fantastic Marilyn replied  It was better than going to a movie theater,  We bought the Cars 3D Movie and the kid’s watched it twice, the 3D effects were incredible!  Marilyn told,  are very pleased with our new multipurpose media/exercise room, Doyle at Ion Security did a great job for us installing the TV and components, the LED TV  looks so clean hanging on the wall with no cables exposed and the picture on the Samsung TV is so clear – like the Grandkids when we ask them how they like the new TV “It’s Awesome Granny”

Whether it’s a single room or you’re building or renovating a whole house, give Doyle a call at Ion Security, 780-489-5522 or, for a Free No Cost, in Home Consultation, like Marilyn and Bob you’ll be glad you did.

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