Sports Bar with 53 HDTVs including a make shift Video Wall

Video Walls and huge Matrix Screens are popular attention getters but the cost these screens starts at $30,000 and can run into the millions!

The Black Bear Bar and Grill in Hoboken NJ, USA, added a little twist on the typical back bar Matrix Screen Video Wall.  Wanting the effect of a full blown video wall but not the exorbitant expense and maintenance,  the Black Bear opted to install 10 Samsung HDTVs on their feature back bar in addition to 40 additional HDTV screens scattered throughout the bar and 3 large wide screen projection TVs for a total of 53 HDTV’s!  Wholly crap that’s a lot of TV’s.

Personally I think the back bar video wall looks a little busy and kinda like a Vegas Casino Sports book but from the street you can clearly see the back bar through the windows and doors and it’s definitely an attention getter.  With 10 HDTV’s behind the bar you certainly won’t miss any of the action when multiple games are being played.

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