D-Box Motion Theater Seating

With Movie Theater attendance at record lows, some movie theaters are installing Hi Tech seating  in hopes of luring back viewers.

D-Box VIP Seating is now available in select Cineplex locations across Canada as well as theaters in the US.  What’s so special about the D-Box chair?  We’ll the D-Box chair is reclining motion controlled seat with will shake, shimmy and vibrate in sync with the action on the screen.  Each chair is controlled by a computer and is programed by select compatible movie titles.

With the Purchase of a D-Box VIP Movie ticket, you get a reserved seat and can Bypass the waiting line for true VIP treatment.

South Edmonton Common Cineplex in my home town of Edmonton has some theaters equipped with the D-Box chairs so during the holidays we plan to see the new Mission Impossible Movie in a D-Box and see what if all the hype is worth it.

For a complete list of D-box movie theaters in your area see:  http://www.d-box.com/en/movie-theatre/

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3 Responses to D-Box Motion Theater Seating

  1. Denis says:

    D-Box is unfortunately not available for MI4. The current D-Box movie available is Sherlock Holmes.

    • djsedm says:

      That’s disappointing, was hoping to she MI4 with D-Box effects – I guess I’ll have to make other plans

      Thanks for the tip Denis

  2. Denis says:

    And the next movies will be Contraband and The Grey in jan 2012.

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