iPad 2 – The Missing Manual

This Christmas thousands of people received iPad2’s as gifts.

For many the intuitive touch screen iOS operating system is easy to use while for others they want instructions and a printed manual.

The iPad2 doesn’t come with a printed instruction manual or manual on CD rom however there IS a Manual stored in the BOOKMARKS in the SAFARI Web Browser.  Until recently I didn’t know this iPad User Guide was buried inside Safari and  I’ve had my iPad 2 for 10 months.

To access the iPad User Guide simply open up Safari, then click on Bookmarks and scroll to the bottom where you’ll find iPad User Guide.  Click on the Bookmark and Safari will open up an interactive iPad User Guide.

The iPad User Guide is also available as a FREE eBook from Apple.  To get the user guide as an iBook, go to the iTunes store and serach download the iBooks app.  Then launch iBooks and go to the iBooks store and search for iPad User Guide by Apple Inc.  The eBook is a Free download and will teach you everything you need to know about iPad.

If you would prefer to have an iPad user guide in print or PDF format you can click on the following link and it will download an iPad IOS 5.0 user guide in PDF format directly from Apple’s server: ipad_user_guide.pdf

If reading manuals aren’t your thing Apple has several iPad instructional videos and guided tours for the iPad and iPad Apps.  If you wish to browse these informative videos click the link:  videos

Most iPad 2 users will find the iPad easy to operate and very intuitive.  Hands on experimentation is one of the best ways to learn how to operate the iPad 2 however if you want to know more tips and tricks check out the iPad videos hosted on Apple’s website and check back on techtipsandtoys.com in the New Year.  Starting in 2012 we are going to be providing informative tips and reviews on various iPad and iPhone apps.

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