Deer Hunter Challenge App Game Review

If you like playing Big Buck Hunter in the bar or Cabela’s Big Game Hunter on PS3, Xbox or Wii then Glu’s Deer Hunter Challenge Game App for iOS and Android devices is just the game app for you.

Deer Hunter Challenge is Free to download and provides entertaining play for Free on a timed basis.

The Free Version of the game app will allow you to  play Quick Games, Bonus Rounds and even the Full Hunting Trip game without making extra in-app purchases.  While other similar games allow you to only play limited TEST modes Deer Hunter Challenge allows you to experience the full game for Free albeit on a limited time basis.  Game play is timed based on “Energy Levels”  once you use up all your energy you will have to either make in app purchases to continue play or wait a day for your energy to be restored.

Additional weapons, gear, clothing and energy can be purchased or Free Cash can be earned by visiting affiliated websites of signing up for special offers.  While in app purchases definitely enhance the game play experience and extend the playing time, overall this game can be played for Free daily until your energy level expires.  We didn’t time it but generally we played for more than 15 minutes at daily for free.

So how good is Deer Hunter Free or Paid Version.  With over 10 million downloads and counting there is no question that Glu’s Deer Hunter Challenge is one of the best games available for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.  While Deer Hunter does play on the small screen phones, the iPad will provide the best game playing experience.

The graphics on Deer Hunter Challenge are rich and well rendered with lots of action and scenery.  Your goal is to hunt deer, moose, black bear, brown bear, reindeer, cougars and more.  A GPS map allows you to track your prey and when spotted you tap the screen to select a hunting position or stand.  The screen then moves from the GPS map screen and quickly loads your hunting stand view showing all the animals in sight and lush and detailed scenery.  The movements of the animals is first rate and if you miss your shot or only wound the prey be careful, some of the animals will charge at you and kill you if you miss or only wound them.  Deer Hunter Challenge is addictive, the more you play the better you hone your tracking and shooting skills and the more fun the game becomes even when you’re playing for Free.  Of course in app purchases for better equipment and weapons only adds to the experience.

Game Features:
• On the Hunt- Discover and hunt animals in the unique environments of Alaska and Patagonia. As you progress through the game, new and even more breath-taking hunting locations will be made available.
• Get Geared Up- Customize your clothing, boots and gear as you explore new and challenging terrain in search of the world’s most exotic game.
• Exotic Game- Shoot axis deer, black and brown bear, black buck, cougars, moose, red deer, reindeer, and many others.
• Locked and Loaded ‘Your Way’- a large variety of customizable weapons and accessories: bolt rifle, single shot rifle, lever rifle, shotgun, crossbow and handgun                             •Updates allowing the gamer to extend their gaming experience through in-app purchases to add new hunting locations, weapons and gear. Additionally, gamers will be able to connect to online tournaments against competitors from all over the world.

Cost: FREE  with in-app Purchases available




Overall Deer Hunter Challenge is an excellent, entertaining game which is highly addictive.  The Free app works great for limited timed play and once you’re out of energy you’ll have to wait 24 hours for your energy to renew.  For serious gamers,  in app purchases provide you with extended play time and several enhanced options.  Deer Hunter Challenge is perfect on the iPad touch screen and a little small on iPhones and Android tablets.
Overall we give Deer Hunter Challenge 5 Stars *****
Link:  Buck Hunter Challenge Link

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