iShower Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

iShower is a bluetooth-enabled, water-resistant speaker from iDevices, the people who brought you the iGrill last year.

Running on three AA batteries iShower claims to be able to stream music from your favorite bluetooth enabled Apple or Android device or MacBook or iMac within range.

Unlike standard bluetooth devices which have a limited range of about 30 feet, iShower boasts an impressive range of 200ft.

A special mounting bracket mounts to your shower wall (without tools?) and holds the iShower speaker about a half inch from the wall.  The rear mounted firing 3 watt speaker reverberates sound off the shower wall and enclosure to provide full range sound and adequate volume.  The iShower can be easily removed from the shower wall mount bracket and used elsewhere in the house or patio, pool, beach or camping.

Controls on the iShower include play, pause, skip and rewind plus volume and a digital clock.

iShower will be officially unveiled at CES 2012 next week and will be available in March 2012 for MSRP of $99.99

For more information check out:

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