LG Shows of Largest, Thinnest OLED HDTV at CES 2012

lg55-oled1First there was LCD then LED and Now OLED … OLED stands for organic LED.

LG Electronics will be showing off the worlds Largest OLED – HDTV next week at CES 2012.  The 55 inch display is only 4mm thin and weighs a mere 7.5kg.  This LG set uses Organic light-emitting diode technology with 4 Color Pixels similar to Sharps Quattron except the OLED color set is red, green, blue and white (not yellow in the case of Sharp Quattron).  OLED TV’s are 1,000 times faster than LED or LCD displays making motion blur a non issue on these sets.

OLED technology has been around for years and unlike traditional LED/LCD TVs requires no backlight which is why it can be made so thin and light.  OLED technology was developed originally for small displays such as cell phones and touch pads however advances in technology have enabled production of panels as large as 55 inches to date.

Don’t expect OLED HDTV’s to be on the market anytime soon production costs are still to high on these sets to make them viable consumer products but as technology advances and price drops OLED sets will eventually be coming to market in the not to distant future.   In the meantime we can still dream.

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