Apple ID Phishing Scam

If you have an AppleID account be cautious of a new phishing scam which has been making it’s rounds.  Phishing emails were sent out last month around Christmas day informing them that their AppleID billing information is out of date.

Recipients were then invited to clink on a link “” where they were redirected to a realistic Apple looking sign-in page.  The email is very realistic looking and includes the Apple logo and template similar to Apple email correspondence – these guys are good!

Should you receive an email from Apple or the Apple Store requesting you update your AppleID billing information – Ignore It!  Tell your friends, family and colleagues also about this scam to avoid them from being tricked.

Any changes, verification or updates to your AppleID account should only be done by logging into your Apple Account on Apple’s website and not by clicking a link in a email.  If  your billing or credit card information is not up to date, Apple will give you an onscreen message when you are using their secure on-line checkout – that’s the only time you should make changes to your AppleID account.

The same holds true for password information, if you receive an email message that your AppleID password has been compromised don’t click the link in the email but instead open your browser and go to your Apple store website or MobileMe or Apple ID site and login in and administer your account directly on their secure server.  Clicking a link in an email can re-direct you to a malicious Phishing Site which can then gather your personal information and hack into your AppleID account.

Be Safe, Be Smart and stay Secure.

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