Google Search App Review

Google Search App is the new name for the previous Google Mobile app.  This app may seem like a no-brainer for some, “Doesn’t everybody have Google Search on their phones” but surprisingly many don’t and  just use a Google bookmark in Safari or Safari itself as their default method of searching.

If you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone 4S then Siri is going to be your go to search app for everything, however Siri is not available for previous generation iPhone users so for the millions of  iPhone 4, 3 and 3GS users Google Search will give you Siri like Voice Search capabilities which are remarkably good.

Google Search is similar to your Google desktop and is available for iPhone, iPad as well as other mobile devices.  The layout of the app is slightly different for iPad due to the extra screen space but the features are essentially the same.

Google Search is well laid out, intuitive and easy to use.  Voice Search does not load automatically, (although it should) so at first glance Google Search looks like any other mobile search engine app.  A closer look at the home screen will reveal a microphone and camera icon just to the right of the search information field. Clicking on the camera icon allows you to take a picture of something or location and do a photographic search while selecting the microphone icon launches VOICE SEARCH and a microphone screen appears with the instructions Speak Now.

Google voice search works well with one or two word searches but has problems with longer search requests.  Unlike Siri which you can literally talk to, Google Search voice becomes confused when you start asking it questions or conducting searches using more than one or two words.  For better results with longer sentences talk slowly and enunciate clearly.

Google voice search is – English only, so if english is a second language or you have a heavy accent Google Search like most voice recognition programs will have a hard time.

Overall Google Search is great mobile search engine and with Voice Search should be considered a Must Have App for any mobile device.

to download the app click on the itunes link: google search itunes link

for more information see: google search information

To see Google Search on the iPad watch the video

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