SCAN by QR City – simply the BEST Free QR Code Scanner for the iPhone

If you’re looking for a simple, easy to use, straightforward QR code scanner for your iPhone look no further than Scan by QR Code City.

What is a QR Code you ask?  Well a QR code stands for Quick Response Code and is a two dimensional type of symbol known as a matrix barcode similar to a single dimension flat barcode you’re used to seeing on various consumer products.

QR codes were originally developed back in 1994 for the automotive industry as a means to track vehicles during manufacturing.  With the advent of the SMART PHONE QR codes have become popular in the UK, USA and there use and adoption are growing fastest in Canada and Hong Kong.

So if I’m not manufacturing automobiles what do I need a QR Code scanner for?

QR codes in 2012 are being used for everything from mobile coupons, yellow page directories, company website, product and contact and location information, product information and instructions, warranty, service and help information for consumer electronics products, in store customer surveys, in store discounting, and even personal identification and access control.

QR codes are also common in magazine advertising, on buses, billboards and business cards where interested persons can scan the QR code with their smart phone and be directed to a company or product website or special offer.

The neat thing with QR Codes is that anyone can generate a QR Code for their business or product URL.  In addition QR Codes can be read by anyone with a smart phone and QR Scanning App or Software.

As we the world becomes an ever connect and digital society the need to scan QR Codes becomes ever more popular.

While QR code readers aren’t standard on most Smart Phones there are several free and paid apps which have the ability to Scan and read QR Codes.

I personally use the SCAN by QR City App on my iPhone.  Scan is a Free App and unlike others has no annoying ads or restrictions like other limited ‘lite’ versions.

The SCAN app is simple to use, just launch the app and press the scan button and point the camera at the QR code, usually within seconds the phone beeps and the link from the QR code is opened or if it contains contact info then you will be prompted to take the appropriate action.

SCAN automatically keeps track of all the QR Codes you’ve scanned so you can quickly and easily go back to a site you’ve visited even though you no longer have the QR code to scan.  Erasing your history is simple and easy too as all entries can be cleared at once or individually.
With the widespread use of QR Codes it’s only a matter of time before QR code readers become standard on all Smart Phones – until that happens SCAN is a excellent QR Code reader and essential app for any iPhone user.

Check out the short demo video:

If you want to download the SCAN App by QR City here’s a direct iTunes link: itunes link SCAN app

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4 Responses to SCAN by QR City – simply the BEST Free QR Code Scanner for the iPhone

  1. Garrett Gee says:

    Thank you for the positive review!

    Garrett Gee (of Scan:)

  2. jim anderson says:

    I am making qr codes for my business and there is no option to send the history by e mail?

    • djsedm says:

      There are two ways you can send history by email

      1 – If you’re using a FREE QR Code tracking/history – web based service and…. You are using a Apple Mac computer running Snow Leopard or Lion, you can do a screen capture and save it as PDF or Image file of your history or tracking information web page with the data showing, and then attach it to an email.

      2 – Instead of a FREE QR CODE and Tracking Service… You can also use a HOSTED QR Code tracking service which will charge you a set up fee and account or subscription fee which will provide you with various analytics and reports which can be emailed, saved and stored.

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