Instagram iPhone App Review

Instagram is in part a photo editing add and part social media app, kinda like ‘Twitter for Photographs’.

So what is Instagram?  Instagram is an iPhone only app that enables the user to take a photo (or library photo), enhance it using one of 16 different effects and then share it on various social networks or on Instagram itself which has become a very popular social network.

What sets Instagram apart is it’s ease of use and flawless integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.  Snap a picture, enhance it and post it on any of these social media sites with just a click of the button.  The App is simple and straightforward to setup and not overcrowded with unnecessary features.

No Facebook or Twitter account? No Problem, Instagram at it’s core is an ego-driven app which allows users to create and edit photographs and then show them off to their friends and followers on Instagram even if they don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.  You’ll be surprised once you start posting photographs how many other Instagramers start following your photo posts.

To download Instagram click the link to the App Store:  Instagram App Link

Speaking of following Instagram posts, one of the downfalls of Instagram is that it’s an iPhone only app and there is no way to follow or view Instagram posts on a Mac or PC.  Webstagram is a Web Viewer for Instagram which will allow you to view and comment on Instagram from your Mac or PC.  For more information on Webstagram see our post – Webstagram Link

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