Toshiba 19SL410U Review, 19” LCD TV

When our seven year old,  15 inch Samsung LCD kitchen TV finally broke down it was time to go shopping for a new one.  They don’t make a 15 inch TV size anymore so the smallest TV we could buy was a 19 inch model.  The problem with most 19 inch TVs is that they are Too Tall to fit underneath our kitchen cabinets which have a valence and under cabinet lighting.  The maximum height for a TV to fit underneath our kitchen cabinets is 15 inches. Only two 19 inch TVs were under 15 inches one was an Insignia and the other the Toshiba 19SL410 which would fit (Samsung and LG were too tall).

At 13.75 inches high, by 18.25 inches wide and 2 inches deep without the stand or 4 inches deep with the stand the Toshiba 19SL410 is one of the most compact 19 inch LED HDTV sets on the market and it fit nicely underneath our kitchen cabinets.  The TV chassis is basically rectangular with a high gloss black bezel and slightly recessed brushed aluminum soft touch button control panel.

The Toshiba 19SL410U is a low profile, 720p, 60Hz, LCD, LED backlit TV.  Most TVs at this size and price range have limited input options so I was surprised to see the number of inputs on the Toshiba 19SL410U included 2 HDMI ports, one RGB/PC VGA input with 3.5mm audio jack, one Component Video, one Composite Video and one RF antenna inputs.

There is no headphone jack output on this TV however there is a Toslink digital audio output and stereo RCA output.  In addition to the inputs on the rear there is also a side mounted USB jack and built in jpeg viewer.

The picture quality of this set is excellent with a 170 degree wide angle viewing with no visible color or brightness shift and a crisp, clear, sharp picture.  720p and 60Hz refresh rate is adequate for a TV of this size and there is a special gaming mode which helps to optimize settings for gamers. With only a 19” picture size 720p content looks great and even standard definition TV is good although the picture is a bit soft which is expected.  There are a few 19 inch TVs which offer full 1080p however at 19 inch screen size 1080p is really overkill and when looking at the different models side by side in the store I couldn’t see any noticeable difference between the 1080p and 720p sets in the 19-22″ size category. I suppose if you are planning on using this TV as a computer monitor the higher resolution would be good for graphics however for TV viewing 720p is more than enough on a TV this size.  Speaking of graphics,  I’ve have had this set for three weeks now and have viewed all types of programming including auto racing, hockey and football and could not detect motion blur on any programing confirming 60Hz refresh is plenty fast for a 19 inch TV.

In addition to it’s compact size the Toshiba 19SL410 weighs only 2.7kg (5.93lbs) without the stand making it an ideal lightweight TV for the RV, motor home or travel trailer.

Sound quality on this set is good considering the size of the TV and speakers.  Some customer reviews on the internet and say the sound is awful or terrible, I’m not sure what they’re expectations are?  Obviously the bass response is very weak due to the small speakers but the volume and clarity is good for most small rooms and ideal in the kitchen.  If you’re expecting thunderous bass or volume from the internal speakers on a TV this size you’re going to be disappointed, the sound on the Toshiba was as good or better than the Samsung 15 inch we replaced.  For those buyers who want more volume or better sound there are external digital and audio output jacks on the back of the Toshiba which can be connected to small desktop computer speakers which can be hidden behind the TV if it’s going to be placed in a corner or on a bookshelf for example.  The larger amplified computer speaker would provide added volume and more tonal range.  Another option would be to connect the Toshiba TV to a separate amplifier or surround sound receiver but seriously folks – this TV is a small compact television, ideally suited for small rooms – how much volume do you need.  In our kitchen with the dishwasher running and sink running water we still have ample volume to hear the TV speakers.

Set up is quick and easy and the on screen set up and controls menu is well laid out and intuitive.  There are lots of controls for adjusting the picture quality and other settings but surprisingly no printed owners manual.  Like most manufacturers these days the owners manual is available online as a PDF download and if 67 pages long if you care to download and read it.

The Toshiba 19SL410U is one of the best choices for a 19” HDTV set.  The compact design is ideal for tight places like under kitchen counters or the RV and the picture quality and clarity is excellent.  The sound quality is good for a set of this size with adequate volume and the number of inputs including 2 HDMI ports makes this set very versatile.  Many of the features found on the Toshiba 19SL410U are often reserved for much larger televisions setting the 19SL410 apart from many of it’s competitors in this size category.  If we can find any fault with this set it would be the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack.  Some customers who plan to use this monitor in a bedroom, dorm room, RV or kids room would like to have the ability to mute the speakers and plug in a pair of headphones, sadly Toshiba like many other manufacturers has decided to eliminate headphone jacks along with printed manuals in a effort to cut costs and maximize profits.  If a headphone jack is critical then this TV is not for you, but if you’re looking for a compact TV for the kitchen which will fit under cabinets with a valence and has a great picture, myriad of input options, 2 HDMI ports and several other high end features the Toshiba 19SL410U is an excellent TV and great value.

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