iSee aT night FREE! iPhone App Review

There are lots of inexpensive Night Vision goggles at toy stores for around $80 bucks that believe it or not actually do work, so when I saw this iPhone App I thought I’d down load it and give it a try.

First iSee aT night comes in “Free and Paid” versions.  The app clearly states that it does not provide true night vision and is for entertainment purposes but then goes on to say “Like a Night Vision App, but includes more different features and functions… etc”.

iSee aT night is nothing more than a Color Filter app disguised and promoted as a night vision app for entertainment purposes.  The app is poorly laid out and designed, the windows and buttons are too small and difficult to manipulate and the purpose of this app is totally lost on me.  Night vision is supplied by turning on the front mounted LED flash of the iPhone and then a Red, Green, Yellow or Violet color filter can be applied to color your onscreen image in a colored halo.  Two buttons on the bottom of the screen allow you to record and save your colored image but that’s about it.

iSee at night writes in there app description “if you ever will be stuck in a dark place, don’t worry, cause you will have a great support in your hand in the face of iSee aT nigh app, you will always be equipped with the modern device, that is probably matches the outkit of Navy Seals” This is the actual quote with the bad english and all from the iTunes download page for the app.  The developer of this app is Fresh Ideals Inc and from the broken English in the description of the app it’s clear that English and marketing are there strong points nor is producing and writing code for a great app.

iSee aT night FREE! and iSee aT nightT + 12 PRO camera effects are complete waste of time apps.  There are much better camera filters out there than these apps and as far as night vision – download a flashlight app instead.

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