Top 10 Flashlight Apps for iPhone in 2012

One of the most popular downloads for the iPhone is the Flashlight app.

If there is any testimonial to the usefulness of a cell phone flashlight app it is when the office workers at World Trade Center used the screens on their cell phones to illuminate the dark, smoke filled stairways of the WTC when evacuating on 9/11.

With so many uses for a flashlight app it’s strange Apple didn’t build one directly into iOS leaving iPhone owners the task of navigating the app store to download the perfect Free or Paid Flashlight App.  With so many flashlight apps available it’s hard for the average iPhone user to decide which flashlight app is the best for them so at techtipsandtoys we decided to take a hands on look at 10 of the most popular Free Flashlight apps and rank them in order from worst to best!

10.)  Flashlight for iPhone, iPod and iPad by Giorgi Otiashvilli:  The description on this flashlight app reads “The best Flashlight app on app store for free!!!”  While it’s true that this flashlight app is Free it’s far from the best, in fact, it’s one of the worst and here’s why.

Slow to load.  Half the screen on this app is filled with banner ads scrolling across the bottom along with URL links to upgrade the app and more links to other apps.  Only the top half of the screen is dedicated to the flashlight portion of the app which is a basic touch button to turn the LED flash on and off and a second button to illuminate the front touchpad with annoying scrolling banner ads across the top.

This app is awful and is hardly the best Free Flashlight app on the App Store.  Read on and you’ll see much better Flashlight apps.

9.)  iHandy Flashlight Free by iHandysoft Inc:  If you were to describe this free flashlight app in one word it would be busy.  iHandy Flashlight launches to a menu screen which requires you to select from nine different types of flashlights from basic light, to strobe, sos, emergency, motion control, spiral, glow sticks and neon.  The 60+ and download buttons take you to iHandysoft downloads for more free and paid apps.  In addition to the busy launch screen once you select your flashlight preference you’re then bombarded with banner ads.  This flashlight app is more of an entertainment app than utility or productivity app and the myriad of choices just slows down the operation and functionality of the app.  Pass on this one and definitely look elsewhere.

8.) Flashlight by Surpax Technology Inc:  Surpax touts Flashlight as the Brightest Flashlight available and while bright we didn’t notice much difference between the Surpax flashlight app and the others.  Once again this free flashlight app is add supported and has banner adds running along the bottom of the app.  The button layout is spacious enough and very basic with an on/off slider button and top dial button for continuous light or strobe effect.  In addition to it’s limited functionality and banner adds the main drawback with this flashlight is that the LED does not light up when you launch the app and requires the user to toggle the LED switch to on, once the app is launched.

7.)  Flashlight. by 7th Gear: Flashlight:  Flashlight. is a Free, ad supported, flashlight app with the basic LED flashlight, strobe and pulse or morse code press to flash feature.    The LED light illuminates as soon as Flashlight. starts which is important, especially when you’re fumbling in the dark.  The button layout is spacious enough while the scrolling banner adds at the bottom of the screen don’t overwhelm or intrude with the operation of the app.  Overall Flashlight. is OK and works but there are better FREE flashlight apps out there.

6.)  iTorch4 Flashlight by Pixelinlove Ltd:  Like most Free Flashlight apps iTorch4 is your basic flashlight app which turns on when launched and has a single on/off toggle button and strobe button. Other features include sound effects which can be turned on or off and a seasonal theme for Christmas.  This app like most free apps is banner driven and has advertising banners scrolling along the bottom of the screen.  Overall the app is functional but better choices are found on 1-2 or 3 on this Top 10 List.



5.) Flashlight O by iHandySoft Inc.  Flashlight O is a flashlight at with a twist … it has a built in compass in addition to flashlight.  The flashlight automatically turns on when the app is launched and has an adjustable strobe and SOS dial wheel at the top.  The compass is located between the strobe adjustment dial and on off button and works but is too small and basic to provide any detailed navigational information.  This flashlight app is Free and ad supported with banner apps running along the bottom of the home screen.  iHandysoft Inc makes a number of other apps including Alarm Clock, Barcode Scan, Flashlight, Translator, Weather Clock, Level, Battery Meter, OR Code Scan and Tip Calculator.

There is a launch icon in the top right corner of all iHandysoft apps which scans your iPhone for other iHandysoft apps and provides you a one touch interface to move from one iHandysoft app to another without having to exit the app and navigate through the iPhone home screen.

4.) Flashlight. ® by Intellectual Flame Co.  This flashlight app is your basic, banner ad supported flashlight app with variable strobe function.  Button layout is basic and straight forward, on/off button and strobe dial.  The LED light turns on when the app is launched and the banner ads appear at the bottom lower portion of the screen.  Overall a basic functional, no frills flashlight app with banner ads.

3.) Flashlight.* by Apptures: The description on Flashlight. + reads “Best, only and LAST Flashlight app you will ever own on your iPhone!!! … the #1 choice for iPhone 4 users!”  This flashlight app is most similar to an actual flashlight, nothing fancy just a single on/off button in the center of the screen and a sliding strobe control below.  The app launches quickly however the LED light does not automatically come on so you have to press the on/off button to turn the LED on once the app launches.  The battery indicator, time and cell carrier information is visible at the top of the screen and there are no banner ads on this Free app which is why it is so popular.  If you’re looking for a basic Free Flashlight App Flashlight.* by Intellectual Flame Co may be just fit the bill, it you want a little more functionality see our number one recommendation below.

Download link: flashlight by apptures itunes link

2.)  LED Light for iPhone 4 Free by Jason Ting:  This flashlight app is often missed in iTunes searches because it doesn’t have the word flashlight in the app title but make no mistake this app is one of the best Free flashlight apps available.  LED Light for iPhone 4 Free is an elegantly designed, quick and intuitive flashlight app.  The app offers your basic LED flashlight always on mode, with options for strobe, SOS and tap or hold down for light mode.  LED Light for iPhone 4 Free is the only flashlight app out of the bunch we tested that has a double tap to turn the iPhone touch screen on or off.  This feature will save some battery life while the LED light stays illuminated the touch screen can be turned on or off.  Other options include a sleep timer and the option to choose to have the LED light come on automatically when the app launches or remain off until the toggle button is pressed.

LED Light for iPhone 4 Free as the title says is a FREE app and best of all there are no annoying banner ads of any type providing a clean, functional flashlight app.

Download link:  LED light for iphone 4 itunes link

1.)  Best Flash Light! by RV AppStudios LLC:  Best Flash Light is truly the BEST FREE Flashlight app available in iTunes for the iPhone.  The app is totally free and unlike other apps that are filled with multiple banners or limited versions, Best Flash Light! is full of features not found even on Paid apps and has no banner ads.  The full real estate of the iPhone screen is dedicated to the app with a very small touch button on the lower right of the screen with is a link to more apps by RV AppStudios.  There are no banner adds however occasionally when launching Best Flash Light! you will get a full screen ad from RV asking if you wish to purchase additional RV Apps, a quick click of the close box and you’re back to the full featured Flashlight app.

Best Flash Light! by RV is several flashlights in one.  The graphics of the app are first rate and display a shinny blue chrome control button in the center surrounded by four additional buttons on top and three along the bottom.  The buttons are black with gray lettering surrounding by simulated hand stitched black leather – very BMWish.  The middle center of the app features a battery level meter so you can keep and eye on battery drain while using the flashlight app – very important!

The front LED of the iPhone comes on instantly when the App Activates,  touching the center button turns the LED on and Off.  The top left circular button activates the LED as a strobe light with variable speed control.  Below the top left circular button is a shake button which activates the front LED light to turn on and off with a shake of the iPhone.  Shake once and the LED Turns on – shake again and it turns off.

The top right button features a CFL light bulb and activates the iPhones touch screen to a white screen with the front LED off.  Tapping the iPhone screen once in this mode activates the front LED for dual mode lighting and tapping the bottom of the iPhone screen returns back to the main control window.

Below the CFL bulb button is a hand clap button which as you guessed turns your iPhone into “the clapper” hand clapping activated light.  Clap to turn on and clap again to turn off the LED or touch screen light.

Below the center console button on the bottom left is a Finger Tap button which activates the center on/off button to act at a touch button for morse code or touch to flash button.  The bottom center button is an eyeball icon which activates the flashlight as a magnifying glass or zoom camera ideal for reading small print when you forgot your reading glasses or examining items up close.  The bottom right corner button is an info button and allows you to turn the button sounds on and off and set the light countdown timer to shut the light off automatically at your pre-selected time.

Best Flash Light! by RV AppStudios is truly the Best FREE Flashlight App available for the iPhone.  Because flashlight is spelled as two words in the official title of the app, this app is often missed when searching for it in iTunes.  I don’t know why the developer choose to do this since so many potential users miss this app when searching for Flashlight in iTunes but if you missed it – it’s definitely worth a download and look.

Download link:  best flash light by RV AppStudios itunes link

All flashlight apps are similar in function however some of the interfaces, designs and banner ads leave us wondering what the developers were thinking when writing the code for the app.

All flashlight apps are a huge drain on the battery of the iPhone 4 and should be used with careful consideration.  You wouldn’t want to use all the power up on your phone by using the flashlight and then not have enough power to make an emergency call if necessary.

Our Top Free Flashlight App is Best Flash Light! by RV AppStudios.  This app is not only attractive to look at but flexible and functional.  The magnifying feature is excellent for those who forget their reading glasses or who need a magnifying glass and the CFL bulb mode is a great battery saver.  The clapper feature on Best Flash Light! is simply fun.

For those who don’t want the magnifying option of Best Flash Light! and are looking for a simple, effective Flashlight app, LED Light for iPhone 4 Free by Jason Ting is the best FREE, basic flashlight app with a few extra features thrown in including strobe, sleep timer and automatic LED on.

Flashlight.* by Apptures is similar to LED Light for iPhone 4 Free and is a Free flashlight app with basic features and a clean layout.  Flashlight.* by Apptures doesn’t have some of the features of LED Light but overall they’re very similar with one important difference.  Flashlight.* does not automatically light the LED when the app launches with the other two flashlight apps in our 1 and 2 places do.
Overall you can’t go wrong with any of the three flashlight apps in the Top Three of our list.  The top three flashlight apps are all FREE and have NO ads or in the case of #1 Best Flash Light! by RV AppStudios a single full page start screen which occasionally pops up at the start of the app but not every time you launch it and then goes away with the click of the x button and does not come back during the use of the app.

All other apps 4-10 all are Free but have annoying banner adds scrolling across the bottom of the screen or in the case of the worst flashlight app #10 Flashlight for iPhone, iPod and iPad by Giorgi Otiashvilli, half the screen is ads – seriously!

The flashlight app will remain on of the most useful apps and essential to every smart phone owner. Download one today.

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6 Responses to Top 10 Flashlight Apps for iPhone in 2012

  1. iworldtip says:

    These all are cool application.I have it,Great fun..Many things are cleared by reading this post…Keep posting…

    • John Wrench says:

      LED Light for iPhone 4 Free by Jason Ting: Should be #1. Key point: when it’s pitch black out and you need a light, having the screen brightly illuminated reduces target to background ratio if you are using the LED for primary illumination. Jason’s app keeps the screen illumination relatively dark, with only a big button in the middle. Many if not all of the others keep the screen brightly lit up with multicolored buttons and ads.

  2. Istaly says:

    all i need is an app that keeps the led on when i press the home button. tahts what i need

    • This is fantastic and well written post. I came across this while searching for a specific type of flashlight in Safari…while you searched and researched for this post, did you ever come across a flashlight with which you can use the flashlight whilst you are using another app? Here’s why I’m asking: my dog was in a fight last night (see my post here on WordPress and had to be rushed to the hospital due to a torn dew claw, which was nearly torn off; my dog is asleep tonight on my bed so he is right by me…I don’t want to wake him, so I’m in my very large closet trying to write a blog but in order to completely do it in here I have to be able to read something on another book when on the app,

  3. Jo says:

    Flashlight.* by Apptures actually does have banner ads.

  4. Richard Dickison says:

    On Android’s many flashlight apps are spyware. Are iPhone flashlights safe?

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