New Apple TV Coming March 2012

With all the hype surrounding the new iPad 3, rumors about a refreshed and updated Apple TV have been widely ignored.

Apple TV seems to be sold out across North America as several popular online shopping sites and key large national electronics retailers (Best Buy, Future Shop, Target, Walmart) are all showing NO STOCK on Apple TV SKUs indicating that a new Apple TV seems to be imminent.

Techtipsandtoys predicts a new Apple TV will be introduced as the Iconic “One More Thing” in Apple’s up coming keynote address for the iPad 3 rumored to be held the first week in March (March 7th).

While a new Apple TV is almost certain, the platform and features are less so.  Here’s some rumors and speculation on what a new Apple TV might look like:

1080p – 1080p streaming is pretty much a given on any new Apple TV or set top box device.  The current Apple TV only streams at a max of 720p

A6 Processor – Questions abound about the internal processor in the new Apple TV. Most industry experts feel it will use the same chipset as the iPad 3 which is rumored to be an A6 however some photos and tech sites have said the iPad 3 will be powered by a specially made A5X chipset.  We’ll have to wait and see but it’s safe to predict with 1080p and other features the new Apple TV will require a faster processor.

SIRI – Built in SIRI voice commands are a must for a new Apple TV.  With the success of SIRI on the iPhone 4S and voice control available on the X-Box with Kinect, Apple will certainly put SIRI on the new Apple TV.

32, 37-40 and 55 Inch TVs – Every TV manufacturer at this years CES 2012 was comparing their TVs to an Apple TV set which was only rumors and physically doesn’t exist … at least not yet anyway.  The consensus on Apple producing an actual TV Set with Apple TV built in are mixed but some experts believe the new Apple TV will be an actual TV with Panels built by Samsung and three sizes available 32, 40 and 55 inch LED.  Techtipsandtoys believes this rumor is a long shot and believes Apple TV will continue to be a separate add on streaming box for the foreseeable future.

Analog Audio Out – Many current Apple TV owners wish their Apple TVs had an analog audio output along with the digital audio output and HDMI connector.  This is most likely wishful thinking since adding a second analog audio output would increase the cost and decrease the digital copy protection.  Apple TV users who wish to have analog audio outputs will have to continue to purchase separate digital to analog converter boxes.

Storage Hard Drive – Many Apple TV users wish the device had a hard drive or the ability to add and external hard drive to archive and store video streams, movies and programs.  Adding the ability to store content would expand the capabilities of an Apple TV device from a basic streaming device to a home theater or whole house video server.  Hard Drive storage of some kind will also be necessary if Apple is going to introduce Apps to the Apple TV.

Apps – With every Smart TV manufacturer offering apps on their products and the success of Apps with the iPhone and iPads, Apps for Apple TV are a forgone conclusion, in fact we don’t know why they’re not already there.

The new Apple TV will have it’s own Apps store offering Games, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Calendar, Productivity and Home Automation apps just to name a few.

Yes – Apps will be available on the new Apple TV.

QWERTY Remote Control:  Samsung, Sony and LG Smart TVs come with QWERTY Remote Controls and some with voice activation.  If Apple puts SIRI on the new Apple TV, don’t look for Apple to abandon their small chiclet  remote control but a safer bet would be Bluetooth.

Bluetooth – If Apple is going to enable gaming Apps on the new Apple TV bluetooth will be a must to enable accessories such as wireless controllers and keyboards.

Apple has long been criticized on its commitment to Apple TV and the fact that it’s often be referred to as a hobby product for Apple which could do so much more if they’d only get behind it.  Tim Cook commented at the Goldman and Sachs Technology and Internet Conference earlier this month “Apple doesn’t do hobbies as a general rule. I can’t live without [my Apple TV] – we’ve always thought there was something there, and that if we kept following our intuiting and kept pulling that string, we might find something larger. … Something that could go more main market for it to be a serious category.”

Was Cook talking about iTV Apple’s rumored Apple TV enabled Flat Panel Set or perhaps a reinvented and reinvigorated Apple TV?

Techtipsandtoys predicts we’ll see a new Apple TV announced the first week in March along with the iPad 3 …  stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

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