iPad 3 Confirmed March 7th, 2012, What about New Apple TV?

Apple has slated March 7th, 2012 as the official iPad 3 Announcement.

In the wake of the announcement Apple Retailers who have iPad 2’s in stock have begun offering modest price discounts and special offers in hopes of clearing stock prior to the launch of the iPad 3.


Several tech sites, blogs and message boards including techtipsandtoys have also predicted Apple to introduce a New Apple TV along with the iPad 3.  Once again signs from the retail channel seem to suggest that a new Apple TV is on the way as several retailers have been showing no stock for weeks now and ship dates for new Apple TV’s have been posted as 3-6 weeks.

Refurbished Apple TV’s did show up on Apple.ca store this week at reduced price and are believed to be existing discontinued Apple TV stock priced to clear in lieu of the anticipated new Apple TV 2012 announcement next week.
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