Apple introduces the New iPad (iPad 3 vs iPad 2)

By now you’ve heard about it on the TV news, twitter, facebook, radio and every other form of media known on the planet … Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPad 3 today in San Francisco. Now here’s what you need to know. The new iPad is just going to be called iPad, not iPad 3 or iPad HD, just simply iPad.

While the lack of an identifier might create some confusion when buying accessories for the iPad (original), iPad 2 and new iPad, there’s no mistaking the improvements Apple made on the new iPad.

Here’s a brief rundown of features on the new iPad

  • Retina Display: 2048 x 1536 (3.1 million pixels)
  • A5X processor and quad-core graphics 5 MP Camera on Back (similar to iPhone 4S)
  • 1080p HD Video Capture
  • Siri – voice dictation for typing only
  • 4G LTE Capability, up to 73 mbps download on LTE. also HSPA + (21Mbps), DC-HSDPA (42 Mbps) and LTE (72 Mbps)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 on new iPad (previous iPads bluetooth 2.1)
  • Personal Hotspot – iPad can now be used as wi-fi hotspot same as iPhone 4G iPads
  • available on Rogers, Telus and Bell in Canada and AT&T and Verizon in U.S.
  • 10 Hour battery life, 9 hours on 4G
  • 9.4mm thin, 1.4 lbs
  • Pricing: $519, 619, 719 for wi-fi only models $649, $749 and $849 for 4G mode
  • Available March 16th in U.S. and Canada, pre-orders available now
  • Upgraded apps for all iOS devices: iWork, iPhoto, Garage Band and iMovie apps
  •  iOS 5.1 update now available for all i-devices

Comparison Chart Courtesy of Engadget

At first glance the new iPad and iPad 2 seem identical but a closer look will reveal subtle differences. First the new iPad is slightly thicker 9.44mm thin compared to 8.8mm for the previous iPad 2. The new iPad is also marginally heavier 1.44lbs compared to 1.33lbs.

Pressing the home button brings the screen to life and that’s when you notice the most visible difference between the new iPad and iPad 2.

With a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and pixel density of 264 pixels per inch the Retina Display is breathtaking! Photos, videos and games look incredible on the new iPad’s 9.7 inch screen.   Apple updated iWork, iPhoto, Garage Band and iMovie apps to take advantage of the new iPads retina display.

Behind the display Apple beefed up the hardware in the new iPad also. The processor is a new A5X which is dual core on the CPU side and quad-core on the graphics side. The new iPad gets a zippy (72 Mbps), 4G LTE Radio for ultra fast web surfing and connectivity and wi-fi personal hot spot. Other enhancements include a 5 MP rear facing camera with 1080p recording, bluetooth 4.0 and Siri Voice dictation.

Apple also released iOS 5.1 today for all i-devices.

In Canada the new 4G iPad will be available on Rogers, Telus and Bell networks however no pricing was available at this time for 4G data plans.

Should you get a new iPad or iPad 2? The new 4G iPad will be sold at the same prices as the previous iPad 2 while iPad 2 prices have been lowered by $100-$150 dollars giving consumers a choice between a lower priced iPad 2.

Apple continues to dominate the tablet market with the iPad. The new iPad is a logical next step and firmly entrenches Apple’s dominance in this market segment.

Sources:  Apple, Engadget
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