Shaw Gateway Time Change Problems

Based on the number of hits, emails and inquires on this weekend Shaw Gateway owners have been plagued with problems with the getting the clock on the Gateway and Portals to display the right time after the change to daylight saving time.

I personally do not have a Gateway installed at my home but instead have Motorola DCX3200 and DCX3400 boxes which switched to daylight savings time without a problem.  Thousands of Gateway owners were frustrated Sunday when the time setting didn’t automatically change and left them scrambling for answers.

I personally received numerous inquires from Gateway users while blog traffic was up 250% ,  Gateway owners searched for answers online while Shaw’s customer service and tech support lines were inundated with calls.

I was unable to reach Shaw myself to inquire about the Gateway clock problem so unfortunately I wasn’t very helpful to the inquires I received and after they reached more than 25 I didn’t have the time to respond personally to all that asked for assistance.

I don’t know if Shaw has fixed the problem yet or not, the best guidance I can give to Gateway owners who read this blog is to be patient and contact Shaw directly for a solution.  If they don’t have one yet I’m sure they’re working on it.

Here’s a sampling of some comments on Shaw’s Twitter Feed which confirms the problem seems to be isolated to the Gateway and requires a software fix from Shaw’s end and cannot be solved by a simple power off – on and reboot.

If any readers know of a fix or have spoken directly to Shaw and received instructions or information on how to fix the problem or when the problem will be fixed please drop us a line and comment to this or any of our other Gateway posts.

Good Luck to all those Gateway Owners out there!

Update:  I did send an email to Sean at SHAW Tech Support, he has been a contributor to this blog of a couple of Gateway Posts.  Sean mentioned that any Gateway owners requiring assistance can contact Shaw at the following methods:

Chat –
Facebook –
Twitter –

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2 Responses to Shaw Gateway Time Change Problems

  1. ShawSean says:

    Hello techtipsandtoys readers,

    The issue with the Gateway systems not updating DST information should now be resolved, if anyone is still having issues, please contact chat at the link provided above and they’ll be able to resolve it for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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