TuneIn – The Best Radio Listening App – No Ones Heard of

TuneIn Radio is the Best Radio Listening App for the iPhone, other smart phones and PC/Mac that no ones ever heard of.

With 30 million active listeners, and 58,000 different radio stations from all over the world, not to mention 200 new streams and podcasts added every day TuneIn is far more popular than Pandora or Spotify yet remains largely unknown.  Best of all TuneIn Radio unlike Pandora or Spotify works in Canada!

TuneIn app for the iPhone uses your current location to find local radio stations and does a better job than either the Astral Radio or Corus Radio apps … in fact TuneIn has several Astral radio stations available for streaming like the team1260 sports talk Edmonton that the Astral Radio App doesn’t offer – Go Figure?

In addition to local radio TuneIn streams radio stations from all over the world in in their native languages, not to mention 200 new streams and podcasts added every day.

TuneIn radio’s interface is clean, straightforward and easy to navigate.  Stations and podcasts can be searched by name, location, genre (news, talk, sports, music) and language.  Each category has subcategories to further define your listening preferences.

After selecting your radio stream the iPhone 4 starts downloading and buffering your radio stream with playback beginning in 4-5 seconds.  Some radio stations I tried didn’t load immediately and required a second or third try, but out of the two months I spent evaluating the app this only happened a handful of times.

Album Cover Art:
Some streams only provide the radio station logo while others display detailed information for each track including Song name, Artist, Album cover art, and Radio station information.

Just like a regular AM/FM radio, TuneIn allows you to create and store your favorite radio stations as one touch presets.

Pause and Rewind Live Radio:
Have you ever wanted to review the radio cause you missed something, like you can with your PVR at home.  Well the TuneIn App you can.  Perhaps the best feature of the TuneIn Radio app is the ability to pause and rewind live radio just like your PVR at home.  The TuneIn app buffers your radio or podcast stream and allows you to rewind or fast forward.  This is huge!  You can pause your radio program and take a phone call, or step out of your car and continue listening to your radio program.  You can pause your radio program and go to your meeting and then resume it were you left off at once your out.

Listen to Local Radio Stations When Out of Range
TuneIn allows you to listen to favorite radios stations when you’re out of local broadcast range.  I use TuneIn regularly when traveling down to Red Deer or Calgary on Highway 2.  The Team1260 and 630Ched radio stations often are weak and fade in and out around Ponoka but when I stream them using TuneIn they work perfectly over 3G and I can listen to my programs uninterrupted while driving.  The same holds true when driving up to Jasper.  Most local radio stations drop off before Edson but TuneIn allows me to listen over 3G for most of the drive.

Snow Birds & Vacationers :
TuneIn is great for Snow Birds and works anywhere there is a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.  I have recommended TuneIn to several colleagues who travel to Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii and even Mexico and Barbados.  They all have been able to listen to local Edmonton radio stations and stay up with current local news and hockey reports while vacationing in warmer climates.

Tip:  To avoid costly 3G data roaming charges you can turn the Cellular Option OFF in TuneIn so it will only work over Wi-Fi and not 3G.  This way you can listen over Wi-Fi for Free without incurring cellular data roaming charges.

Car Mode: TuneIn settings allow you to enter car mode which offers a simplified GUI with four buttons Presents, Search, Recents and Recommended.  Car mode is also accessible from the main screen by pressing the Automobile Icon on the top left.

Account:   Tunein Radio is available on cross platforms including PC and Mac, iPhone, iOS, Android and Blackberry.  Signing up for a Free TuneIn account will allow you to save your favorites in the cloud and sync them to all the devices you use TuneIn on.  This feature is very handy when using TuneIn on several devices.

Convenience:  TuneIn Radio is far more convenient to use for listening to ALL your radio stations and programs than downloading individual apps, programs and players to listen to a single radio station or group branded stations.  TuneIn for the Mac or PC is also a much better interface than listening to radio stations via their flash website interface with the added benefit of saving your presets/favorites cross platform.

Portability:  TuneIn radio for the iPhone, iPad or other smart phone platform is the ultimate portable Am/Fm radio.  Sure there may be a radio at the home or the office or in the car, but if you’re like me and constantly on the move between your car, office, job sites or even room to room at home you find yourself missing portions of your favorite radio programs.  The convenience of having a radio on my iPhone allows me to have a radio near me always and the ability to pause and record radio means I never miss my favorite talk show radio programs and can listen to them when my schedule permits.

Data Usage:
TuneIn automatically keeps track of your data usage on Wi-Fi and Cellular letting you know exactly how much data you are consuming.  Data statistics can be reset each month so you can stay below any data caps you may have on your plan.

Advanced Settings:
Several settings are available in the advanced window with the most important to be the Cellular data  ON/Off toggle button and the Buffer Before Play.  The standard buffer is set to 5 seconds which under most conditions if adequate however if you are in an area of poor cellular coverage you can bump the buffer up to compensate for dropouts in cell signal without creating dropouts in your audio playback.  Shake for search is another setting in the advanced menu which you may wish to turn off if you find TuneIn is changing stations on you in the car every time you hit a bump or travel on rough roads.

Airplay Support:
TuneIn now supports Airplay with their most recent version 2.4 of the app.

Other Uses:
Plasma TV/LCD TV:  Often when a Plasma or LCD is located close to the A/V Receiver a large amount of interference is created impeding the reception of over the air AM/FM radio signals.  TuneIn is a great solution in these situations providing crystal clear audio through Wi-Fi via iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or Mac with no interference from the TV or any other sources.

Police, Fire and EMS Scanner:  One of the surprising features I found using Tune In Radio was the inclusion of Police, Fire and EMS two-way radio bands streaming live on Tune In radio for my city.  This worked just like a police scanner and allowed me to monitor Emergency services activites in my city.

Great Alternative for Poor Reception Areas:  I recently had a restaurant client who needed to connect an FM tuner up to their lounge sound system for a radio station remote on location broadcast.  The owner brought a radio tuner from home to hook up but the signal in the lounge was too weak to provide clear reception.  The lounge had Wi-Fi so it was not problem to find the radio station on TuneIn and within seconds we have the radio station playing live through the iPod input of the sound system with crystal clear sound and not static or interference.  Another application for Tune In Radio was a dentist’s office which had poor radio reception.  Tune In Radio was used as the music source and provided excellent sound quality with no static or drop outs.

Personally I use TuneIn Radio Pro daily on my iPhone and iPad to listen to local and international radio stations.  Since discovering TuneIn on the iPhone, I’ve now downloaded the computer version on all my Macs and PC’s and signed up for a TuneIn account to sync TuneIn between all my devices.

If you’re looking for an all encompassing Radio app for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or other smart phone TuneIn is the clear winner and standard by which all other radio apps are judged.

TuneIn Radio Pro is like a PVR for Radio on steroids, with the ability to play, pause and rewind Live radio along with a built in Alarm Clock and Sleep Timer.

TuneIn is available as a Free download with banner supported ads on the bottom of the screen or as a 99¢ Paid App with no banner ads and the ability to schedule and record programs. 

TuneIn Radio is a must-have app for anybody who wants to listen to radio on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Andriod or Blackberry.

I highly recommend Tune In Radio for anybody with an iPhone, Android or Blackberry.  For 99¢ the Paid Tune In Radio Pro is worth every penny and more.  The flexibility of this little app combined with the access to thousands of listening stations makes TuneIn Radio far cheaper than satellite radio alternatives.  The ability to program, record and schedule programming with TuneIn Radio Pro makes the app even more useful and enjoyable to use.

With more than 30 million subscribers you’d think everybody has heard of TuneIn Radio but I hadn’t until I searched for a radio app for my phone and chances are you haven’t either.  In the two months I’ve been using TuneIn radio on my phone and showing it to my friends and colleagues – every one I know has downloaded this little gem of an app and several have Thanked me for showing them this great app.

If you don’t have TuneIn Radio on your phone right now download the Free Version and see what you think … or better your spend the 99¢ and purchase the Pro Version and see how cool it is to pause, play, rewind and record Radio just like your PVR.

To Download the Free Version iPhone Version for TuneIn Radio click the following link: Tunein Radio Free Version

To Download the Pro Version for iPhone click the following link: TuneIn Radio Pro Version

For more information on all TuneIn Radio App Platforms visit their website at: TuneIn Radio Website

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7 Responses to TuneIn – The Best Radio Listening App – No Ones Heard of

  1. djsedm says:

    Just discovered another use for TuneIn Radio. Many of todays AV receivers have FM Only Tuners allowing you to receive FM radios signals but not AM. TuneIn radio works great for these FM only receivers allowing you to use the built in tuner for FM radio reception and TuneIn Radio for AM radio reception. Once you start using TuneIn for Radio Reception chances are you’re going to want to use it all the time for both AM and FM.

  2. Tigressa says:

    Yes, it is great app. I have one big problem though. On android (Samsung Galaxy S3) I could not find an option which allows me to chose ONLY wifi connection. Such option exists on blackberry tunein.
    I hope I can get a good advice here. Thanks!

    • djsedm says:

      I am unfamiliar with the settings for Tunein on the Galaxy S3, on the iPhone the settings to turn wi-fi and 3G are found in the phone settings and then general and the the app, the Galaxy may be similar so instead of looking for settings within the app itself – check your general settings on the Galaxy, odds are you’ll find it there

      good luck

  3. Shark says:

    I found this review while searching for a solution to finding out I was half way thru my month but about to pass my full mthly data allotment!
    I found in my data manager that this app I thought defaults to wifi in fact has no wifi option at all!
    Emails to customer service not returned.
    I hate when someone reviews an apple phone with an app and doesn’t know that the android version does not have this cell off option.
    I almost went into huge money over ages.

    Anybody know a solution other than not using this app I paid for since it’s not in settings, not in faq and no replied from customer service who I emailed.

  4. sandra says:

    It is nice this aplication listen radio

  5. William says:

    I use tunein all the time on my Bose however 630 ched still goes silent from time to time, sometimes as long as 5 seconds. Very annoying

    • djsedm says:

      Often when the sound goes silent it’s an internet speed issue either from the radio station sending the signal to Tune in or on the receiving download side. When the music stream buffers out the sound stops until enough packets of data are received again to re-establish continuous sound. You might want to check your Internet Service Provider, Router and test your speed when you’re having drop out issues. Chances are it’s related to your bandwidth.

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