Make your existing Alarm System – Interactive, with an ION Security Broadband Alarm Transmitter

The Ion Security Broadband Alarm Transmitter (BAT) upgrades your existing security system to communicate over the internet instead of, or in addition to, the telephone line and brings iPhone and Android smart phone control to your current security system.

With an Ion Broadband Alarm Transmitter connected to your existing alarm,  you can arm or disarm your security system remotely from anywhere in the world using an iPhone or Android phone.  The Ion BAT will send you email and text message notifications of various alarm events including openings and closings, trouble conditions, burglary or fire alarms.  With an Ion BAT connected to your existing alarm system, you can check the status of your alarm anytime and receive text messages or emails when your kids come home or when an employee opens or closes the store or office.

The Ion BAT provides interactive control over the alarm system as well as a primary or secondary back up communication source for alarm transmission.  The Ion BAT is the perfect solution for monitoring your alarm system when you don’t have a land line telephone.  The system can be configured for SELF MONITORING applications by sending emails and text message directly to your registered, password protected, contact list or as a backup communicator to forward signals to our central monitoring station for 24/7 live monitoring.

The Ion Broadband Alarm Transmitter comes with it’s own Virtual Keypad App which mirrors the actual wall mounted keypad of the alarm system.

With the ipFob app, the user can arm and disarm the alarm system remotely from his/her smart phone as well as look up event logs and receive text and email notifications.

You’re not using the same cellphone as you did in 1999             so why are you using the same alarm system? 

Isn’t it time for an upgrade? 

The ION Security Broadband Alarm Transmitter works with many of today’s most popular alarm panels so call ION Security today at 780-489-5522 or click this link and email Ion Security Systems for a Free No Cost Security Evaluation and find out if your existing alarm system can be upgraded for interactive control with the Ion Security BAT.

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