Audio Authority SonaFlex SF-16M the Swiss Army Knife of Commercial Audio Mixer/Amplifiers

Audio Authority’s SonaFlex SF-16M is the Swiss Army Knife of commercial restaurant, sports bars, hotels , gyms and conference room audio distribution.

The SF-16M is a 16 channel (mono) or 8 channel (stereo) analog audio mixer with the capability of adding two more remote FlexPorts which can be analog or digital for microphones or line level sources bringing the number of inputs on the SF-16M to 20 mono or 10 stereo …. now that’s a lot of sources.

While the input side is aptly equipped the output side of the SonaFlex features a Class-D amplification with 16 outputs rated at 45 watts per channel (all channels driven) or 60 watts per channel (8 channels driven) at 8 ohms and stable down to 4 ohms.

Audio Authority has long been known as a manufacturer of quality matrix audio and video switchers for commercial applications and the SF-16M lives up to that reputation.

Personally I’m not a big fan of menu driven mixers or amplifiers but with up to 20 inputs and 16 outputs, there’s not enough room on the front panel of the 3 rack space mixer/amplifier to house all the controls so Menu driven controls is the only way to go.

The front panel of the SonaFlex SF-16M is stylish and elegant with a minimalist design layout.  There are four capacitive touch buttons an IR sensor, blue fluorescent LCD display and single rotary knob to program and control all input and output sources and controls.  Programming and control can also be performed via SF-16M PC configuration utility software and the 16M is equipped with an Ethernet and RS-232Serial Port interfaces.

There are several Audio Matrix mixers on the market an many more multi channel zone amplifiers but I can think of one that offers 20 audio input channels combined with 16 high powered amplified output channels.  While personally I can’t imagine an installation which would require 20 separate individual audio source inputs there are many times when an 8 or 16 channel multi-zone amplifier is needed and to have the convenience and flexibility of having BOTH the mixer and amplifier combined in one small 3 rack space unit out of the box is a definite plus!

At a MSRP of $2989 USD for the base unit the SonaFlex SF-16M Matrix Amplifier isn’t cheap but when you compare it to the cost of purchasing a 8-20 channel Matrix audio mixer and then 8-16 amplifiers on top of that, you quickly realize the cost savings of and value of the Audio Authority SF-16M all in one Matrix Amplifier.

For more information on the Audio Authority Sonaflex SF-16M check out the product link at:  Audio Authority weblink

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