Lantronix xPrintServer • Simply the Best iPad and iOS Device Universal Printing Solution

If you’re like me one of the biggest complaints about the iPad is the lack of printing ability.  Sure there a a few select printers which support AirPrint as well as a couple of software workarounds but for the most part, printing directly from an iPad is a royal pain.

The folks at Lantronix have been listening to disgruntled iPad users and invented a little magic white box called the Lantronix xPrintServer … a wireless printing solution that allows iOS device printing to almost any networked printer.

Set up of the xPrintServer is simple and easy just plug the xPrintServer into your network and instantly you’re ready to print from iOS devices. There’s no complicated software to run, no elaborate configuration, an no Host PC or Mac that needs to be connected to the printer, xPrintServer works directly with any ethernet connected printer, just plug n play and Presto like Magic you’re printing directly to your network printer from your iPad!

The Lantronix xPrintServer supports more than 4,000 network printers from HP, Brother, Epson, Canon, Dell, Lexmark and Xerox.  XprintServer works with iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.

At $152 CDN the Lantronix xPrintServer is not cheap but when you consider the ability to quickly, easily and reliably print from any iOS device to thousands of network printers the xPrintServer’s value is clear.

We recommend the Lantronix xPrintServer hands down for both residential and business clients who require iOS Device network printing.

To Purchase the Lantronix xPrintServer from our secure eShop click:  Ion Security eShop – Lantronix XPrint Link

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2 Responses to Lantronix xPrintServer • Simply the Best iPad and iOS Device Universal Printing Solution

  1. Claire says:

    What a great little server – nice design too!
    You can try apps as well, I am using PrintCentral at the moment seems to help when I want to print from iPad

    • djsedm says:

      Thanks for the feedback Claire, you’re right there are several iPad and iOS Apps that allow you to print some files from your iOS devices however all these apps require a HOST PC or Mac to be connected to a printer in order for them to work. In addition most software APP Solutions also require you to email the document to yourself as a PDF them open it in your email using the printing APP and then the PDF will print on your printer through the connected host computer. Why bother with an APP if you have to email yourself a PDF and need a host computer to print. Software/APP printing solutions for the iPhone and iPad are workarounds but are not native or intuitive printing solutions especially for large organizations. As a single user they might do the job some of the time however are cumbersome workaround. In the case of Print Central or similar APPS if you have to email yourself a PDF to print, than why install the APP – just email yourself and open the PDF on your host computer and print it directly from your computer, you don’t need any APP or software and it’s simpler.

      The Lantronix xPrintServer prints directly to the network printer – no host computer required and no printer sharing needed. Your iPad sees the printer directly and prints directly to the printer through the xPrintServer it’s really impressive.

      We have a car dealership that uses xPrintServer to enable printing from all staff and sales persons iPads. Everybody prints directly from their iPads to the Network Printer. In this application we have 34 persons with iOS devices currently, at $8.99 for the APP per iPad that’s $306 for app purchases – plus the inconvenience of the App workaround and having to have a PC or Mac as a host computer. With the Lantronix xPrintServer for $150 we were able to provide direct iPad and iOS printing to all staff at half the cost and twice the convenience of using a software/APP solution.

      As a single user – occasionally needing to print from your iPad, PrintCentral and other APPs might work for you and be all your need. If your an organization, small business or individual who requires DIRECT to PRINTER capability for iOS devices, Lantronix’s xPrintServer is a great solution.

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