Home Invasion After Teen Posts Photo of Money on FaceBook

Turns out posting racy or drunk party photos of yourself on Facebook isn’t the dumbest thing you can do – posting pictures of a Large Stack of Money is.

According to the BBC News, a 17 year old girl was helping her 72 year old grandmother count some of her cash savings, took a picture of the large bundle of money and then posted it on her facebook account.  Seven hours after the photo was posted on facebook the girls parent’s home was broken into by two masked men with knives and clubs asking where the girl with the money is and demanding the loot shown in the photo.

As it turns out the girl doesn’t live with her parents anymore however that didn’t stop the burglars from rummaging through the house and stealing a small amount of cash and some other personal property.

Police say it’s unclear how the intruders knew where the girls parents lived since it was about 75 miles away from where the photo was taken.  The girl didn’t share the photo publicly, however one of her friends may have shared it or reposted it on a different profile.

Police warn all users to be extremely cautious when posting information and photographs on social media sites ….  once you have a real name, with today’s technology, it’s fairly easy to obtain an address, even when the phone number or address may be unlisted.

find the full story here:  Digital Life on Today

Source:  Digital Life on Today
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