iCloud and PhotoStream Help Catch a Thief

Many iPhone users are familiar with the iPhone app Find My iPhone, this handy utility can help you locate your lost, stolen or missing iPhone if you have downloaded the app and then registered your iPhone or iPad on the webserver.

Of course users who haven’t downloaded app and registered their iPhone may still be able to use Apples iCloud service to help catch a thief if the iPhone user is subscribed to iCloud just ask Katy McCaffrey who recently used photos automatically uploaded to her iCloud Photostream account to help catch an identify the thief that stole her phone.

Katy was on a Disney cruise when her phone disappeared only to discover that someone was using the camera in the phone to take pictures.  Turns out that he thief wasn’t smart enough to turn off the Wi-Fi on the phone or disconnect iCloud or erase the phone before using it so each time a new picture was taken the iPhone automatically uploaded the picture to Katy’s iCloud Photostream account and was instantly viewable on the web.  The alleged thief was a cruise ship employee who appeared in many of the photos and could easily be identified by his Disney Cruise ship employee badge.

Katy uploaded the stolen iPhone Photos to her facebook account for all to see (talk about embarrassing for Disney Cruise Lines).

Read the whole story at: Stolen iPhone Photostream

Source: Digital Life Today
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