New Canadian On-Line Shopping Marketplace to Launch June 7th, 2012

Canadian’s will have a new destination to do their on-line shopping as the All Canadian shopping portal, is set to make it’s debut today.

There are currently several Canadian on-line shopping eCommerce sites on the right now including,,,,,,, and the list goes on.

For the most part most Canadian on-line shopping portals are just like our Canadian Specialty TV channels simply watered down mirror images of their bigger American sites.  Sure Walmar, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, and the Biggie Amazon have Canadian sites but the product selection, options and pricing in most cases is not even close to and other US eCommerce shopping sites.  Of course Canada’s population base is roughly the size of the state of California but still we’re talking On-Line shopping here guys, there’s no bricks and mortar infrastructure to be built so why the poor quality selection, lack of may products and outrageous pricing when compared to the USA. It’s not the dollar or even taxes but rather Canadian Distribution.

Many products sold in the USA and elsewhere have distributors in Canada with exclusive distribution rights to themselves and their retailers.  This adds another step to distribution and thus another price mark up to the end consumer to cover the cost of the so called Canadian distributor who more often than not doesn’t even stock the product in Canada but rather drop ships it in from the US or China.  Many Canadian distributors are simply marketing companies who are order takers and logistics facilitators rather than stocking distributors. is promoting itself as the defacto one stop shopping site on the internet for Canadian On-line shoppers. says it already has hundreds of Canadian based retailers and thousands of products ready to make the Canadian on-line buying experience more similar to US sites.  The main benefit to will be all products listed will be priced in Canadian dollars and shipped from Canadian sellers so no cross border shipping issues and returns should be much easier.

Whether will become the biggest on-line shopping destination in Canada will depend on their product selection and pricing.  If and have greater selection and cheaper prices bargain hunting Canadians will continue to use those sites to save money even with the hassles of cross border shipping and customs brokerage.

I tried to log on to and was greeted by this message

Looks like they’re still not up and running

Source Wall Street Journal:  Article Link
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2 Responses to New Canadian On-Line Shopping Marketplace to Launch June 7th, 2012

  1. djsedm says:

    Looks like the site is finally up and running – Pretty disappointing, definitely not a contender for ebay, amazon or any USA based eCommerce site – just like Canadian TV, a lame watered down version of an American eCommerce site.

    Very limited selection – in fact I think has more products and both better selection and pricing.

    Speaking of pricing sure everything ships for FREE or so they say but the prices are significantly higher than USA eStores even including shipping so as long as you don’t get hit outrageously for brokerage (hello UPS and FedEx we’re talking about you!) the and alike are still far superior on-line shopping sites – unfortunately some amazon merchants won’t ship to Canada.

    Last comment on, the site looks good and has several products but almost 90% percent of the items I was looking at were out of stock or no stock and no indication of when they would be in stock or shipping. That’s kinda odd since is not a stocking store, warehouse or distributor namely and online marketplace for drop shippers. What’s the point of listing a bunch of merchandise that’s not available – just in hopes of driving traffic?

    Good luck, I think most Canadians will still shop south of the border on US based online eCommerce sites.

  2. fashionista says:

    The site is a mess – products are mostly out of stock and you can’t find anything. Just an advertising play as evidenced by the ads plastered all over it.

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