Ion Security – Featured in Security Products and Technology Magazine

Ion Security Profile – SP&T Magazine August Edition

Doyle Serink and Ion Security was featured in the Company Profile Section of Security Products and Technology Magazine.

The article written by Jennifer Brown was originally  posted on SP&T’s Blog in May of 2011  see:  SPT Magazine News         At that time Ion Security’s Blog was only 6 months old and growing exponentially every month.

By the time the blog article made it to print in August 2011, techtipsandtoys daily readership had quadrupled along with Ion Security.
Check out the full article in Security Products and Technology Magazine Page 26:  SPT Ion Security Magazine Article

Fast forward to today August 2012 … Back one year ago had about 60,000 hits,  today one year later techtipsandtoys site visits are at 297,000 closing in on 300,000.

Doyle commented – “When I first started writing the blog, I had no idea that it would garner such readership … I am truly humbled by the popularity”.  This summer Doyle has taken a bit of a break from blogging but the traffic to the site and readership continues to grow.

Doyle will be back to writing regular blog posts soon so stay tuned … in the meantime click on the link to Security Products and Technology Magazine for more information about Doyle Serink, Ion Security and

Front Cover SP&T Magazine August Edition

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