How to Float Three TVs in a Window – South Hill Boston Pizza Installation Profile

TVs Floating in the Windows at South Hill Boston Pizza • Red Deer

When South Hill Boston Pizza in Red Deer Alberta wanted to hang three Flat Screen TVs in the windows of their lounge Doyle with Ion Security and Integration was just the right person to call.  With more than 20 years experience hanging TVs, Doyle was up for the challenge but exactly how he was going to Float Three 55” LG LCD TVs in the Sports Bar Windows was a mystery.


The Boston Pizza in Red Deer was built in the 80’s and had undergone several renovations and expansions over the years.  The windows on the North Side of the lounge were from the original building design and consistent with the architecture of the time providing a sloped glass atrium feature wall in the lounge.  While the windows were great for letting natural light into the lounge and providing patrons a view of the outside they also left a Dead Spot or Zone in the bar with a wall more than 30 feet long with No TV screens to watch – just a view of the parking lot or window blinds when closed.

Prefabricated TV Mount Assembly – Ready for On-site Installation

The goal of the project was to fill this vast wall of windows and glass with at least three Flat Screen TVs but in doing so the owners didn’t want to block off the windows completely or cover them up.  Doyle’s first suggestion was to either take the windows out or leave them in and build a wall to hang the TV’s onto.  The owner’s didn’t want to remove or cover up the windows but instead simply wanted to hang the TVs in the middle of the Window Panes of Glass while concealing all wiring and cabling so it would appear that the images on the TV would be floating on the Glass Windows.

How to hang the TVs was one obstacle while hiding the HDTV cabling and electrical wiring would be another challenge.  Doyle and the guys at Ion came up with an ingenious plan to use strips of aluminum to strattle the window frames and regular flat panel wall mounts to enable the TV’s to be mounted in between the window frames while the brackets and framework would be hidden behind the TVs.  The aluminum would be thin enough to minimize the mounting thickness and strong enough to support the weight of three 55” LCD TVs.  The mounting bracket subframe would be prefab’d at Ion’s shop and then taken to the job site ready to mount.

TV Mount Assembly In Place and Ready to Install TVs

Running Cabling through a steel beam and column

In addition to the challenge of installing the TVs, hiding the cabling would also be a difficult task.  First the HDTV cabling needed to be ran inside a drywall covered steel support beam and then fished from one ceiling level to a lower level.  Once the cabling was through the steel beam and support post, the wiring had to be surface ran along the side of the aluminum window frame and then along the drip rail and then to the TVs.  In order to conceal the wiring ran on the surface of the window frame, Doyle used a plastic wire channel and painted it with special aluminum paint which turned out to be a perfect match to the aluminum window frames.

Plastic Cable Duct Painted to Match Aluminum Window Frame

Cabling concealed inside of Drip Rail

Once the rough in wiring was in place the fun began.  The guys at Ion first mounted the pre-fab’d aluminum frame and flat panel TV mount assembly to the window frames using special self sealing sheet metal screws.  Leveling the entire assembly was fairly quick since all three brackets pre-leveled with a laser back at Ion’s shop so on-site installation time was kept to a minimum.

Final Installation – Looks Spectacular!

Side View – Clean Installation

The final result was nothing less than Spectacular!  The TVs literally look like pictures floating on the Glass in between the window panes.  The wiring was neat and tidy and virtually invisible and the three new LG Flat Screens received high marks from the customers at BP’s Sports Bar.

At the beginning of the project Doyle said he was uncertain as to how the final installation would look … “This was the first time we’ve hung TV’s using this type of mounting method, I was apprehensive at the start but now after viewing the end result I’d definitely recommend it to other clients.  The new Floating TVs really add impact to the room and create a whole new look for the Bar”.



If you have a challenging installation and are looking for an integrator with 20+ years of experience who can think outside the box to mount your flat panel TVs, install structured wiring, AV wiring and network wiring as well as Alarm Systems and Security Cameras give Doyle at Ion Security and Integration  a call 780-789-5522 so send him and email Ion Security email Link

If your looking for a awesome Sports Bar in Red Deer to watch the game or just have some Great Food and a cool beer, drop into South Hill Boston Pizza  3215 Gaetz Avenue.

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