False Alarm Fines Triple in Edmonton

Fines for false alarms in the City of Edmonton have tripled for 2013.

There were more than 1,286 confirmed false fire alarms in Edmonton last year (2012) with the vast majority involving commercial buildings.

On January 1, 2013 the fine for false alarms increased more than 300% in an attempt to hold building owners accountable and lower the number of false occurrences.  Every false alarm puts emergency responders and the public at significant risk while pulling resources from other emergencies.

There is No Fine for a single false alarm, however the fine for a second false alarm will increase to $300 (previously $76).  Fines for a third false alarm jumps to $600 (from $380) and if you have a fourth false alarm be prepared to shell out $1200 bucks (previously $758).

The fines are not intended to be punitive and the count resets each calendar year. The goal is to encourage building owners to maintain a functional alarm system.

If you haven’t had your alarm system checked recently or are having problems with false alarms give Doyle at Ion Security a call (780) 489-5522 or email ionsecuritysystems.com for a Free, No Obligation, Security System Evaluation.

For more information on the city of Edmonton false alarm fines call (780) 496-3800 or email efrsinfo@edmonton.ca

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