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Custom TV Installation by Ion Security

When Mark and Shannon moved to Edmonton from Ontario their new home was already pre-wired by the builder for a security system.  The rough in wiring had already been ran to the front door, living room patio door and garage door.  Mark called the security company recommended by the builder who originally installed the rough in wiring but wasn’t happy with their alarm system and three year contract term.

Mark is an engineer and wanted a security system that could be controlled and monitor by his smart phone.  Mark’s second criteria for the security system was to make sure that their was No Long Term Monitoring Contract.  While Edmonton is home for now,  as an engineer there’s always the chance that we will be moving again … perhaps before the next three years.

Every Ion Alarm comes with Smart Phone Control

After discussing their security concerns with Doyle from Ion Security, Mark and Shannon were please to learn that every Ion Security System can be controlled and monitored from an iPhone, Android or Blackberry Phone.  With an Ion Security Panel in your home you can Arm and Disarm your security system from anywhere in the word, right from the smart phone in the palm of your hand Doyle explained.  We can customize your alarm  monitoring to receive notification, text, email or telephone alerts for any alarm event or condition, even if you just want to know when your kids come home from school.

Ion Smart Home Touch Screen

Every Ion Security system can be expanded to include Video Monitoring too which will allow you to not only receive email or text alerts when your kids come home but video images and pictures also.  Shannon especially liked the email/text alerts and video options commenting that will be ideal for keeping tabs on their 8 year old son Marcus.  Doyle mentioned that a second camera could be installed in the garage to make sure the garage door was closed and monitor the vehicles and inside of the garage.  Both Marcus and Shannon looked at each other and thought Brilliant!  …. we are always driving away from home second guessing “Did the garage door close”.  Lastly Doyle mentioned that in addition to security and video monitoring that every Ion Security System is also a Home Automation hub which can be expanded to include door lock control, thermostat control, lighting control and window blind control.  Your alarm system can do all that commented Marcus,  yes it can replied Doyle and best of all we can do all that without requiring you to sign a three (3) year monitoring contract.  Marcus liked the sound of that the best!

All Wiring is Hidden behind the walls and TV

After the security system was discussed the conversation turned toward the A/V installation needs of the home.  We need two flat panel TVs installed with hidden wiring connected to Shaw Cable HD Boxes … can you do that for us inquired Marcus.  Absolutely replied Doyle, at Ion Security we have more than 20 years experience designing and installing audio and video systems for both commercial and residential applications.

Ion’s Zero Clearance TV Bracket provides a tight fit against the wall

We need a 60 inch Samsung flat panel TV installed above the fireplace and a second 40 incher installed in the bedroom.  We want them installed as close to the wall as possible with all cables hidden from view.  After examining the home Doyle discovered the builder had ran power to both TV locations however the cable connections were ran only to the base of the wall and not behind the TV.  Hiding the AV cabling in the bedroom wasn’t going to be a problem however running AV cabling to the fireplace TV was going to be a bit more of a challenge.  In order to get the cabling to go behind the drywall to the fireplace TV Doyle would have to run the AV cabling from the living room back down into the unfinished basement and then back up through the fireplace insert pocket and then up to the TV mounted above the fireplace.  For a Do It Yourselfer this type of cable run is almost impossible but with the right tools and experience a professional like Doyle can make it look almost routine.

The installation of Ion Security Smart Home Alarm System with two (2) video cameras plus the installation of two Flat Panel TV’s with hidden wiring cost of under $2500.  The Ion Security Smart Home Alarm Panel does everything we want and more … we’re very pleased with the entire installation and fantastic job …. Doyle even brought his own vacuum to clean up after the the install … who knew!

If you purchase a new home which is already pre-wired for an alarm system or comes complete with a FREE Alarm system if you sign a three (3) year contract ….  you don’t have to go with the alarm company or system which the builder recommends.  Give Doyle at Ion Security a call to explore your options and see what the Ion SMART HOME alarm panel can do for you.

Ion Security 780-489-5522 or email

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