Scosche fitRail – Universal iPad Exercise Equipment Mount

I often get asked if there’s a iPad or tablet mount that will work on a treadmill, exercise bike, stair master or elliptical machine.  While there are a number of different iPad mounts on the market … The fitRAIL from Scosche is one of my favorites.

The fitRAIL, is a universal iPad mount which holds the iPad securely during your workout.  fitRAIL is designed specifically for the iPad including the original iPad, iPad2 and new iPad (3), it may also work with some other similar sized non iPad tablets.

The fitRAIL consists of two (2 inch) hooks covered in Scosche’s patented stickGRIP material as well as soft rubber feet on the back side of the to ensure that the exercise equipment will not be scratched or harmed.  Installation of the iPad into the fitRAIL is easy, simply place the iPad on the bottom mounting tray of the fitRAIL and then attach the neoprene clip-on strap to the top of the iPad locking the it securely in place.  The fitRAIL is designed to hold the bare iPad with no case or protective cover attached, so if you’re like me and have your iPad in a case,  you’ll have to remove it from the case first before installing it into the fit rail.

The fitRAIL can also be used as a table, desk or counter top stand as well as an angled stand for typing.

Scosche fitRail is made of lightweight brushed aluminum and chrome plated steel.  The hooks fold inward and the rails telescopic design collapses to minimize the overall size so it fits nicely in a gym bag, brief case or suit case.   the fitRAIL even comes with it’s own travel pouch to protect it and your other items when carrying it about.

If your looking for a compact, well designed, secure, exercise equipment mount for the iPad – the Scosche fitRAIL is an excellent choice.

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