Say Goodbye to USB Charging Bricks with the Pass Seymour TM8USBWCC6 Dual USB Port, AC Decora Outlet

Pass & Seymour Dual USB Wall Plug Charging iPhone & iPad Mini

In our house we have 3 iPads, 3 iPhones, 2 iPods and a host of other USB powered Bluetooth headsets and devices … the problem with charging all these devices is it takes several electrical outlets and a separate bulky power brick charger for each device.  Then theres the other problem of missing chargers.  I don’t know what happens but if your house is like mine, USB chargers seem to grow legs and disappear along with the socks in the dryer.

Initially I was looking for an on the wall USB Charger which would fit over an existing plug and provide at least a couple of USB outlets to charge two or more devices.  I found several different power bars and even some on the wall plug in USB chargers but most of them have major flaws

1 – Under Powered:  Most of the USB power bars or on the wall chargers were under powered and did not provide enough current to charge a Full Size iPad.  iPads require 2.1 Amps of wattage to adequately charge while most devices I discovered only have 0.5 – 1.2 Amps of power.

2 – Unattractive:  The power bars or plugs were large and unattractive

3 – Didn’t Fit:  Many of the in-wall USB Electrical plugs require don’t fit into a standard electrical box

4 – No AC Outlet:  Some of the dual chargers do not have a 110 Electrical outlet

5 – Only Charges one device at the same time:  Many dual port chargers will only charge a single device at the same time despite having two ports.  The Pass & Seymour TM8USBWCC6 will charge two devices at the same time.

6 – USB charging ports won’t charge certain devices:  Another thing to be careful about when purchasing any generic or non device specific USB Charger is to make sure it will the USB-DCP spec.  If the charger is not USB-DCP compliant it may not charge newer USB devices.

7 – Buzzing and Noisy:  Some USB on the wall or in wall chargers make a loud, annoying buzzing sound from the transformer inside.

8 – Not NEC Approved:  Many in wall and on the wall USB Chargers are Not ETL Listed and do not meet the standards of the National Electrical Code.

I was disappointed with most of the USB Plugs and power bars I tried.  Many were underpowered and wouldn’t charge my iPad or the ones that did would only charge a single device or be very large and bulky.

Pass & Seymour TM8USBWCC6, USB Charger with Tamper Proof AC Receptacle – Meets Electrical Code Standards

Enter the Pass & Seymour TM8USBWCC6, USB Charger with Tamper Resistant Receptacle.

This device replaces a standard 110 volt A/C electrical receptacle and has two Standard Type A USB receptacles and a single 15Amp 110VAC tamper proof electrical outlet.  The two USB outlets are fully powered at 2.1 amps so they have enough power to charge Full Size iPads and the AC receptacle on the bottom means you still have an AC plug accessible even when charging two USB devices.

The Pass & Seymour USB receptacle is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PlayStation Vita, Bluetooth Devices, Digital Cameras, Kindle, GPS and almost any USB Powered device.

One feature not to overlook with this USB charging receptacle is the ETL and pending UL Listing, meeting section 406.11 of the national electrical code Tamper Resistant Requirements.

These receptacles are great for the kitchen, island, office, workshop, bedroom, kids rooms or just about anywhere else you need a couple of convenient USB outlets.

Pass & Seymour in wall, dual  USB Power Receptacle provides two USB Charging Ports for iPhone and iPad Mini plus 110V AC  power for Flat Screen TV, Apple TV and Cordless Phone via hidden power bar behind TV

I installed one outlet in my kitchen and another above the workbench in my garage.  Prior to installing the USB charging receptacle in the kitchen we had a real problem since we only had a standard electrical outlet and needed one power outlet for our cordless phone and TV.  That left only one 110V outlet available to charge our USB powered iPads and iPhones.

The Pass & Seymour USB receptacle eliminated the wall clutter from the external USB power adapters and allowed us to charge two USB devices and still have an electrical outlet available to power the TV and home phone.

Use caution when purchasing any type of USB charger the USB receptacle(s) is/are rated at a minimum of 2.1A otherwise you will be disappointed.

I highly recommend the Pass & Seymour USB, AC Charging outlet.  It is quick and easy to install and provides enough power (2.1A) to charge a full size iPad or tablet.  The Compact design allows you to install this receptacle in most standard electrical boxes without modification.  The internal USB charger is silent (no buzzing noise like some units) and  includes a 15-amp tamper-resistant receptacle and two 5-volt DC USB ports.  The USB charging ports worked with all our USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices.  Three color options White, Black and Bone allow this outlet to fit in and match most decors.

Pass and Seymour TM8USBWCC6  Specs:

Comes in three (3)  colors to match any decor,         Black, White and Bone

  • 2.1-amp USB Type A receptacle chargers phones, tablets, etc
  • Eliminates the need for bulky AC adapters
  • Back and side wire terminals add wiring flexibility
  • Overall size is the same as a conventional combination device and accepts standard wall plates and easily replaces existing duplex receptacles
  • Tamper-resistant, patented shutter-system prevents improper insertion of foreign objects
  • Meets 2011 National Electrical Code®; Tamper-Resistant requirements
  • Comes in Three Colors, White, Bone and Black


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