Golden Tee Fore Golf Game Cabinet Conversion

Golden Tee to Flat Screen Cabinet Conversion

When Doyle Serink got tired of repairing the CRT Tube monitor on his Golden Tee Unplugged Golf game is was time to take some evasive action and turn the game cabinet into a Flat Screen Pedestal Mount.

The original cabinet for the golf game was a 2002 Golden Tee Fore standup arcade cabinet with an old school 26” CRT Tube Monitor.

Not only did the thing weigh a ton but it’s center of gravity was very unbalanced making it difficult to move.

The first step was to remove the CRT Tube monitor from the cabinet and then carefully cut the top half of the cabinet

Original Cabinet


off leaving a straight edge on top to attach a table top.  The top portion of the cabinet needed to be modified to enable the new top to be screwed to the cabinet sides and back and once attached  1.5″ Square tubing was then installed to support the mounting of the Flat Screen TV and  Marquee Banner.

Once the cabinet construction was complete and the next step was to install a VESA flat screen Wall Mount and Install the new TV.  Finding the right height to mount the TV was a bit tricky, the TV needed to be at a high enough not to obstruct play yet low enough to provide good viewing of the screen. ___________________________________________

The last step in the conversion was to make a Light Cabinet to provide backlighting for the Golden Tee Unplugged marquee banner.  The standard Golden Tee Fore game cabinet uses a F15T8 fluorescent light bulb which like the CRT Tube is a pain in the butt to repair and replace.  Doyle designed a wood Light Box painted white inside for maximum brightness and vented for air circulation, Two strips of 5050 double bright LED lighting, illuminate the marquee.

It took 15 hours to complete the game cabinet conversion with the end result looking fantastic. The cabinet turned out way better than I expected said Doyle.  We agree this is one of the cleanest Golden Tee Fore to Flat Screen Cabinet Conversions we’ve seen.

Golden Tee to Flat Screen Pedestal Cabinet Conversion

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9 Responses to Golden Tee Fore Golf Game Cabinet Conversion

  1. Keith says:

    Two questions. How did you upgrade your 2002 Fore to a 2011 unplugged. If you are still using the boards from the ’02 how did you convert video card from a 4:3 ratio to a 16:9 on the flat screen?


    • djsedm says:

      The Cabinet is originally from a Golden Fore 2002 which is software upgradable, you’re thinking of the old, original Golden Tee Platform (not the FORE series) which of course is a completely different hardware set up and was based on the original Golden Tee 3D Golf introduced in 1995. That hardware could only be upgraded to Golden Tee 2K. Golden Tee Fore was introduced in 2000 and based on a new software/hard drive platform which included a motherboard assembly called a NightHawk Chassis. The Golden Tee FORE 2002 had this chassis and was software upgradable via USB dongle and downloadable software.

      With respect to the aspect ratio that can be done in several ways. The Golden Tee Fore NightHawk Chassis has dual DVI outputs on the video card, If the monitor you are connecting to has DVI inputs then directly plugging into the monitor will convert the signal to the highest resolution output. Likewise you can also quickly convert DVI to VGA with a simple dongle – then plugging it into the monitor will auto select the highest resolution. Other options to achieve the same results are first, selecting a monitor that will Auto Correct or transform or stretch the image to the screen size. Another option would be to use a DVI or VGA to HDMI converter, in which case the converter will do the job. The GT Fore 2011 software, drivers and Nighthawk Chassis supported Wide Screen Monitors so in my case there was no conversion necessary, the display is native to the software and video cards included in the GT Fore Nighthawk. (I believe you’re thinking this was a Golden Tee 3D,97,98, 99, 2K board) Just as a note, you can convert GT97-2K into HDMI wide screen using a video scaler connected to the Video Output of the GT97-2K board as well.

      • Keith says:

        Impressive response. Thanks Doyle. Not to eat into your day, but what would be your suggestions for someone with very limited software/hardware knowledge. I have a 2000 GT Fore, monitor went out last week (beeping indicates it’s probably a high voltage issue in the flyback from a conversation with IT Tech), without shipping it off no one locally can fix it.

        I’ve been able to run a VGA directly off the video card to a newer 16:9 Samsung LCD pc monitor and older projector 4:3. I also tried an old LCD 4:3 Sony monitor and got a message the khz are not compatible. The issue with the 16:9 LCD monitor is that it cuts the top and bottom off the screen with no settings to fix it.

        Any recommendations for a replacement monitor with that insight?

      • djsedm says:

        Don’t really have a recommendation, it’s pretty much trial and error. I’d suggest buying a monitor from a store that has a good return policy (Costco for example). If it doesn’t work for you, just bring it back for a refund.

  2. Frank says:

    I love it. I have the same cabinet and I wanna do the same thing. Do you have some specs so I can follow your lead exactly? Where did you cut the to off at exactly? Great job

    • djsedm says:

      Hi Frank,

      I don’t have any specs or plans. Before I cut the top off, I held a square and market a straight line from the back of the cabinet to the front where the control panel meets the monitor. I first took a reciprocating saw and cut the top off about 10 inches above my cut line just to get the bulk of the top out of my way. I then made a guide for my circular saw and then laid the cabinet on the side and cut the sides off straight with my circular saw. After the sides are off the next set was to make the top and then once the top was in place I was able to rebuild the back of the cabinet and install the square tubing and monitor mount.

      Good Luck with yours – hope it turns out for you!

      • jeff says:

        Doyle, first off the cabinet looks amazing. I have 2 questions for you. Did you have to use a Y splitter from your video card to run the DVI to your tv? Which tv did you use? I have tried a few and have had no luck. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

      • djsedm says:

        I used a DVI to VGA adapter and ran VGA into the monitor. The monitor was a Viewsonic 32″ TV with VGA, HDMI and Component Video Inputs

        Good Luck!

  3. Tom says:

    I have a 2006 golden tee fore can it be upgraded to 2016 online home edition with the two boards that I have ?

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