How to Float a Flat Screen TV in Front of a Mirror

Glenora Before:after logoMounting a Flat Screen TV on a wall is fairly straightforward but how do you do it when there is a Crown Moulding and wall mounted Mirror in the way ….?   Simple call the guys at Ion Security and Integration.

Challenging TV installs are what we do say’s Doyle Serink with Ion Security.  We rarely get calls for the easy installs …. there’s always something in the way or some structural problem, that’s where we excel.  With more than 20 years experience and 3000 TV installs there’s not much we haven’t been asked to do.

The goal of this installation was to mount the 55” HDTV in front of the mirror and as close to the wall as possible without removing the Crown Moulding or Mirror.  Secondly the weight of the TV could not put pressure on the mirror for fear of cracking it.  Lastly the exterior wall of the building was concrete block with metal stud and drywall interior construction  …. no wooden studs here!

Glenora 10During his site visit Doyle took pictures and measurements of the existing wall and surrounding structure.  He located the metal studs and was able to confirm the the two metal studs would be within the boundaries of the TV mount but still you cannot hang a flat screen TV on metal studs along.

Back at the shop with his measurements in hand, Doyle began to design and fabricate a laminated wooden TV backing support which would bolt and glue to the wall above the Mirror and then overhand the Crown Moulding allowing the TV to mount and float in front of the mirror.  The wooded structure would be built and painted in house and then take to the location for final assembly.

Glenora 4Once the paint had dried it was off to the location for installation.  The drywall was cut open and wooden backing was placing inside the wall.  Care and attention was paid so that the vapor barrier would remain intact and special drywall anchors were used where the wooden backing was not accessible.  Construction glue was used between the layers of the TV backing to provide additional strength.

Glenora 1

The prefabricated mount support backing fit like a glove and straddled the crown moulding and floated in front of the mirror.  Once the backing was in place, a standard wall mounted TV bracket affixed to the laminated wooden support structure and the 55” LED HDTV was then lifted and mounted in place.

Glenora 8The weight of the TV was held by the support structure and the TV floated in front of the mirror with no weight being placed on the mirror itself.

The final touch to the installation was to mount a Shaw HD Cablebox behind the TV and tidy up all the cabling.

If you have a challenging TV installation give the guys at Ion Security & Integration a call (780) 489-5522 or email   When it comes to mounting TVs there isn’t much they can’t do.

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