Arris Shows Off New Hybrid DVR/PVR at The Cable Show in LA this Week.

If anyone doubts that Streaming Video over IP is the future of Television they just needed to attend The Cable Show this week in Los Angeles.  IP streaming is front and center. 

Arris, the cable set top box manufacturer for Shaw Cable and many other cable companies showed off a New DVR (digital video recorder) and Cable Home Gateway which will take QAM video signals and turn them into IP signals which could then be distributed and streamed throughout the home via wired or wireless networks.

The ARRIS MG2400 (DVR) and DCX3620 (Gateway) takes regular QAM Video Streams (such as the ones delivered by your cable company to your existing set top box) and converts them into IP Video,  The MG2400 is strictly a prototype for now but it shows the possibilities of how Cable TV and Video may be distributed in the home in the near future. 

Anyone who has used a Roku or Apple TV knows one of the biggest drawbacks of IP Video Streaming is when you change the channel and the new video stream has to buffer and load.  Arris is working with CableLabs on developing a process to keep the reloading lag to a minimum and will use the new faster WiFi 802.11 AC as the wireless protocol for video transmission.  

It’s unclear when the Arris MG2400 or DCX3620 will be available but they are currently testing beta versions at this time.

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