Worlds First Carbon Fiber Smart Bike

Canada’s Vanhawks Valour is set to become the worlds First Connected Carbon Fiber Bicycle.

With 15 days to go the Toronto based company Vanhawks has already surpassed their $100,000 kickstarter goal to produce the worlds first Carbon Fiber Smart Bike.

The Vanhawk Valour will use bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your android or iphone smart phone to provide navigation and safety alert

So what’s so special about a Smart Bicycle?  Can’t I just mount my iphone to the handlebars.  Sure you can do that but what sets the Vanhawk Valour apart is a set of LED lights built into the handlebars telling the rider when to turn without looking at their phone or map on the screen.  The Valour also has a set of sensors in the rear of the bike that provides information to the special handle bar grips which provide feedback to the rider that someone or something is getting to close to the bike.

Other Smart Bike features include traditional real-time speed and statistics about the ride as well as the ability to create a mesh network with other Vanhawk bikes.

Smart features aside at it’s heart the Vanhawk Valour is one sexy looking, high performance carbon-fiber bike.

Vanhawks kickstarter campaign launched  May 1st and runs for 30 days.  For a $999 CAD dollar pledge you can be guaranteed to get one of the first single speed Vanhawk Valour smart bikes for for $300 more you can get a multi-speed version. Pledges start at $5 bucks so if your a cycling enthusiast and want to see this bike come to market check out VanHawks KickStarter Campaign

Currently the campaign has raised over $450,000 dollars.

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