Twitter Numbers Continue to Slow … Shares Continue to Drop

Twitter shares dropped last week to the lowest price since it’s IPO  following the companies first quarter earnings report which showed user growth is slowing.

Are you on Twitter?  Do you Tweet?  It seems that many Twitter users are inactive and don’t use the service as often as Facebook, YouTube and other social media services. I’m one of those Twitter account holders who set up an account but never use the service.  Twitter boosts 255 million user as of March 31st, 2014 but I wonder how many are inactive just like me?

The main problem with Twitter is the ambiguity of it’s user interface and the confusion encountered by new users on how to use and interact with the twitter universe. What is a hashtag? how about a retweet? How do I follow somebody or talk to them?  If that isn’t confusing I don’t know what is?

Businesses too are having difficulty figuring out how to use and leverage Twitter,  often drifting away from the service in favor of easier to use and understand platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pintrest and even Google+.

The news isn’t all bad for Twitter, while the stock might be down, mobile usage was up 32% reaching 198 million active users and advertising was up 96% year over year
(but still down 3.3% from the fourth quarter).

Will Twitter be able to turn things around?  Facebook had growing pains immediately after it’s IPO and eventually figured things out, now the challenge is up to Twitter to do the same.

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