eBay Advises Members to Change their Passwords following Cyberattack

eBay is advising it’s members to Change their Passwords following a cyberattack which affected a “large number” of user accounts.

The attack actually occurred late February and early March when a small number of employee log-in credentials were compromised.  The data breach includes eBay customer names, passwords, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and date of birth.

eBay first detected the cyberattack a couple weeks ago and after their investigation made a public announcement this morning encouraging users to change their passwords.

According to ebay, no indication of increased fraudulent activity has been observed on ebay and PayPal financial information remains secure since it is stored on a separate network.

eBay is encouraging it’s users to Change their Passwords immediately on their site and any other sites where the same password has been utilized.

eBay is just the latest company to be targeted by cyber criminals and comes on the heals of recent announcements by the US government about China cyber spying, warnings about microsoft internet explorer and the Heartbleed bug.

As the old saying goes …. Why do criminals rob banks?   Cause that’s were the money is

Source,  streetinsider, tech crunch

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